New Release — GAO 2812EVM-I Evaluation Board

Toronto, Canada, August 02, 2007 --( GAO's 2812EVM-I Evaluation Board is one of GAO Tek's best selling products because of its many strengths. The board is specially designed for control system developers to evaluate the performance of their applications running on a TMS320F2812 DSP. In addition, it enables users to quickly evaluate if design requirements can be met and greatly speeds up the development process. This adaptable EVM board allows the user modify it through the addition of customized algorithms.

A unique feature, distinguishing making GAO's board unique from other F2812 EVMs, is its special optimization for motor driving and control applications. Another exclusive characteristic is its independent power supply for AD sampling, which avoids interference from the CPU core.


- On-board TMS320F2812 DSP, 32-bit fix-point Flash DSP, operating at 150Mhz
- 128K*16 bits on-chip Flash program memory, Flash encryptable
- 18K*16 bits on-chip SRAM
- 64K*16 bits extended SRAM as program/data RAM (upgradable to 512K*16 bits)
- 2Kbit serial EEprom
- 10M Ethernet interface, compatible with NE2000
- 8 user buttons
- 2 RS232 interfaces, 1 CAN 2.0 interface
- Power on reset & manual reset
- LCD interface (driver compatible with SED1335, S1D13700, ST7920, HD44780, KS0066, SPLC780 etc.)
- 3 extended shielded interrupt inputs
- 2 extended unshielded interrupt inputs
- 16 inputs,16 outputs
- 2 D/A outputs(12bit,0-5V,3us)
- 16 A/D inputs(12bit ,0-3v,80nS)
- Interface/Driver circuit for DC motor and Servomotor
- 8 Indication LEDs
- On-board VL-Bus, data/address/control leadout wires and special function pins with leadout wires

Yaoyu Wang
+1-416-292-0038 x601