Robot Beavers and Poutine Currency, Seeking Futuristic Canada 150 Stories

Until April 30th, 2017, Dark Helix Press is soliciting speculative fiction stories to celebrate Canada’s 150th year. - March 08, 2017

Dark Helix Press Announces "Feeding the Kraken!" - A Crowd Source Recipe Book for Children

New mother needs help to decide what to feed her Kraken or child monster! - June 22, 2016

Visionary Women's Fiction Book Launch at York University in October 2014

Zainab Amadahy (author of "Resistance") and JF Garrard (author of "The Undead Sorceress") will be hosting a Visionary Women's Fiction Book Launch at York University. - October 25, 2014

Multicultural Fantasy Book Hits Number 1 in Categories of Asian Fantasy and Asian Fiction on Amazon Kindle

Author JF Garrard is attempting to change the fantasy genre by publishing a book featuring diverse characters with different ethnicities & genders. - May 28, 2014

Author JF Garrard Told Multiculturalism is Dead

Kickstarter Project Tackles Lack of Diversity in the Fantasy Book Genre - October 29, 2013

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