Trump’s Wall Was Created to Keep Out Zombies and He is a Wizard According to Dark Helix Press' Latest Anthology

Kickstarter Announcement for Trump Fiction Book

Toronto, Canada, May 16, 2017 --( Dark Helix Press is pleased to launch a Kickstarter campaign for its "Trump: Utopia or Dystopia Anthology," a collection of speculative fiction about the many worlds of Trump containing spies, cloning, zombies, wizards, vampires, medieval kings & more. This is a time capsule of short stories and poetry created by over 20 writers from around the world, inspired by America’s 45th President.

JF Garrard, President of Dark Helix Press states, “The future is full of uncertainty and having a person like him in power makes things even more exciting. As a character, he is fascinating, ruthless and lives boldly. This anthology assumes he will be President for a long time, but we don't make any promises about what will happen to him by time of publication!”

Although the submission period is open until June 4, 2017 via Dark Helix Press’ website, contracts have been signed with certain writers due to their irresistible stories. The Kickstarter page features writing samples and a list of authors who have committed to contributing their works.

Mathias Jansson, a Swedish poet, shares why he decided to contribute his poem, “The Great Great Plan” to the anthology. "The election of Mr Trump as the president of USA is for many like something that happens in the fiction. And fiction is also an appropriate place to discuss the most powerful man's impact on the world in the future, will his legacy be good or evil, utopia or dystopia? The 'Trump Utopia or Dystopia Anthology' is therefore an amazing opportunity to gaze into an alternative future and take part of different authors dreams and nightmares about what will happen with Mr Trump at the White House desk."

Chris McGrane, the Australian author of “A Brief Detour to Oz” states, "Trump reminds me of the Wizard of Oz - mainly because he's always hinting at being all-knowing and all-powerful. So, my story sends Trump to Oz to see if he'd do a better job than the last humbug we sent there..."

Other authors chosen for publication in this anthology includes Wondra Vanian (USA/UK), E. Reyes (USA), Shaun Avery (UK) and Bryan Grafton (USA).

The "Trump: Utopia or Dystopia Anthology" Kickstarter campaign runs until July 13, 2017 and is the third campaign run by the company. Visit Dark Helix Press' website for more details on how you can support a project that will capture this moment in history.

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