Bank & Entrepreneur Africa Celebrates Six Months of the Lady Vendor Project

The Lady Vendor project gives disadvantaged women a chance to sell Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine and earn 50% of the cover price. - December 19, 2016

NUMERIS (Nigeria) Introduces Free Mystery Shopping Service for Banks

NUMERIS' monthly Mystery Shopping reviews will help consumers appreciate what levels of service to expect from their financial institutions. It will also help banks focus on retraining staff and changing processes to improve standards for customers in the future. - May 27, 2015

Global Mystery Shopping Association Welcomes Numeris-Nigeria

NUMERIS joins the Mystery Shopping Association of Europe in a bid to help businesses evaluate and improve customer experience across service channels. - March 06, 2015

NUMERIS-MEDIA Releases December e-Banking Africa Report

The latest e-Banking Africa report compares the cost of remitting money to various African countries, and looks into MasterCard's attempt to transform the continent from cash-reliant to cashless. - December 18, 2013

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