Pristinet’s New Service Certifies Neighborhoods, Schools and HOAs as "Toxin-Free Zones"

The service tests for toxins in drinking water and ground water which are linked both to chronic diseases and to decline in local property values. Recently identified accidents in West Virginia and North Carolina have demonstrated how fragile the safety of our drinking water can be. In addition, homeowners who face these situations are vulnerable to pressure on their property values. - April 30, 2014

Pristinet Offers New Service to Test for Toxins Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorders in Drinking Water

Chemicals in our environment including those that have shown to be in drinking water have been linked to neurological developmental issues including Autism Spectrum Disorders among other things. As consumers of drinking water for drinking, cooking and bathing, we need to practice precautionary principles to portect ourselves from exposures. - April 23, 2014

Obesity May Not be Entirely Your Fault; It May be Caused by Toxins in Your Drinking Water. Pristinet Will Check It Out for You.

Toxins in drinking water have shown possible links to Obesity and are being called "Obesogens." These may have an effect on obesity and essentially be a factor that you should consider. Have your drinking water tested for the presence of these toxins. - April 18, 2014

Pristinet Launches Service to Detect Toxins

Pristinet launches a new service that empowers consumers by detecting toxins in their drinking water linked to Obesity, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Infertility and Cancer. - April 09, 2014

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