Pristinet’s New Service Certifies Neighborhoods, Schools and HOAs as "Toxin-Free Zones"

The service tests for toxins in drinking water and ground water which are linked both to chronic diseases and to decline in local property values. Recently identified accidents in West Virginia and North Carolina have demonstrated how fragile the safety of our drinking water can be. In addition, homeowners who face these situations are vulnerable to pressure on their property values.

Boulder, CO, April 30, 2014 --( In rolling out the brand new Pristinet service offering to test for toxins in neighborhoods and HOAs, Doug Henston, the CEO of Pristinet said, "The toxins have not only been linked to chronic illnesses, but also can depress property values in neighborhoods. Our service will certify whole neighborhoods and Homeowner’s Associations as 'Toxin-free Zones' by testing both the ground water and the tap water in the area for harmful toxins and suggests filtering remedies periodically. We believe this will help reassure the current residents and also help attract new families with children. This can certainly help protect the health of residents but also sustain and grow property values."

Here is a cautionary tale from outraged residents of affluent an Wake Forest, North Carolina community who found out about the toxins after years of drinking contaminated tap-water (See video and the story at Neither the State of North Carolina nor the U.S. government warned them, even though both were aware of the problem.

The recent toxic spill in Elk River near Charleston, West Virginia ( from a chemical storage facility contaminated water supply for 300,000 residents for weeks on end and the government was helpless. It was arguably the worst accidental contamination of drinking water in U.S. history.

Recent toxic spills from spent coal ash pits into Dan River, Virginia ( have devastated the local economy. Duke energy, which uses coal for electricity generation was unable to contain the spill at Dan River and subsequently in the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

Henston said, “The problem of accidental toxic spills, which average over 20,000 ( reported incidents a year nationwide, has overwhelmed the government and the private institutions. Accidents happen, and individuals and communities are mostly on their own to protect themselves.”

“We follow the Precautionary Principle in testing for specific environmental toxins in drinking water at homes, neighborhoods, and schools thereby eliminating these environmental causes of chronic illnesses and consequent decline in property values by using Pristinet’s certification services,” said Mr. Henston.

Pristinet offers an affordable way for consumers, home buyers, neighborhood associations, school PTAs and employers to test their respective drinking water sources for toxins that are linked to chronic illnesses of widespread concern such as obesity, fertility, autism spectrum disorders, and cancers.

Pristinet invites everyone, especially parents with young children struggling with Autism, to visit its website ( where a lot of information on toxins is presented for anyone to understand and take quick action to safeguard their family’s health and continued wellness.

Pristinet is an independent, privately held firm that is solely dedicated, without conflicts of interests, to helping consumers protect themselves from health risks of exposure to toxins in drinking water.

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