New Book by Michael Anthony Alberta Correlates Exotic Topics like Transhumanism and Sacred Geometry to Body Art (Tattooing, Piercing and Body Modification)

This manuscript describes a fusion of art, science, and shamanism. Some view it as an introduction to energy healing through the alternate expressions of body art. While others can’t help but to ask themselves, How far are people willing to go? - May 19, 2014

Michael Anthony Alberta is the First Person to Think of Placing Natural and Synthetic Vibrations Into Body Jewelry

There is extensive Scientific and Physiological Testing that reflects a remarkable change in one’s energy when wearing this jewelry over the body’s natural vortexes such as the chakras, meridians, an acupuncture points. Although this is verified by GDV aura camera testing, even with a... - May 19, 2014

New Book by Michael Anthony Alberta Teaches Artists How to Tattoo and Pierce

This is a synthesis of information gathered over a five-year span of experience in multiple tattoo parlors, piercing studios, and conventions. - May 19, 2014

Dynamic Body Art Institute Announces Launch of New Website

A revolution is about to take place in the tattooing, piercing and body modification community, and Dynamic Body Art Institute is that spark. - May 01, 2014

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