Michael Anthony Alberta is the First Person to Think of Placing Natural and Synthetic Vibrations Into Body Jewelry

Miami Beach, FL, May 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- There is extensive Scientific and Physiological Testing that reflects a remarkable change in one’s energy when wearing this jewelry over the body’s natural vortexes such as the chakras, meridians, an acupuncture points. Although this is verified by GDV aura camera testing, even with a simple voltage meter test on the human body before and during contact sceptics can measure such results. These piercings can raise people’s energy starting at a factor of 2 while others raise your energy the highest from 3 to 12 or higher depending on where you are pierced. Some test subjects went from a baseline of 11 Millivolts to 165.4 Millivolts and higher. Super athletes strive to reach this state while competing. There was a dramatic improvement in the flow of human bio-electricity in the body.

This technology has been employed in pendants and bracelets but never, until now has it been applied to body piercing. These combinations lead to the development of a full-blown alternative health modality known as Dynamic Body Art Therapy. Ancient Healing Practices Meets Modern Quantum Technology in piercing setting for the First Time. In fact, Michael offers a software program that facilitates their application, or better yet, installation into people. Michael Anthony Alberta also writes about this science in his second book titled "Leaving a Mark" and gives detailed instructions on how to pierce in his first book, "Body Art Learner’s Guide." Through news, video and radio Michael has recently been encouraging people to Vitalize Their Body Energy by wearing his Revolutionary line of Quantum Vibrational Body Piercing Jewelry using the Hidden Harmonic Codes of the Universe and the 7 Energy Centers of the Body.

Healing stones were used by several ancient cultures including the Hindus, Greeks, Druids, Sumerians, Aztecs, Mayans, Native American Indians, and the Egyptians. The mystery is the greatest unknown secret of the Stone Masons of the highest 33rd degree. Stone has electrical capacitance, and where there is electrical capacity, memory and vibration can be stored. Quantum Body Jewelry by Dynamic Body Art Institute exposes its wears to holographic information that is both from out distant past and future at the same time. They offer custom orders in which buyers can inject their favorite song, prayer, or audio recording inside jewelry of their choosing provided the pieces meet Light Stream Technologies specifications. They also have various levels of strength in which the lab programs the jewelry with.
Dynamic Body Art Institute
Michael Anthony Alberta