Macintosh Electric Corp Runs Organ Donor Promo

Macintosh Electric Corp’s own office manager from 2009 to 2013 passed away in a tragic car accident on May 24th 2014 in Yonkers - Bronxville, New York. It was a critical decision, but brother and Vice President of the company made a recommendation to donate the late woman’s major organs... - October 20, 2016

Macintosh Electric Runs a Promo for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October isn’t only about goals and goblins tricks or treats, October isn’t only about October-Fest either. This October, Westchester County and Bronx New York Licensed Emergency Electrician promotes pink in full force. It is breast cancer awareness month and the boys in yellow and red... - October 19, 2016

Macintosh Electric Corp Safety First

Macintosh Electric Corp are licensed electrical contractors operating out of Yonkers, New York and Manhattan, New York City. The year round 24-hour emergency service electricians specialize in residential, commercial and industrial projects in Westchester County and New York City. Macintosh... - May 04, 2016

Macintosh Electric Corp Safety First: Winter Fires

The price of home heating fueling is through the roof and people are now utilizing alternative sources like wood burning stoves. Licensed Electricians Macintosh Electric Corp of Westchester County New York offer safety tips for these residents to maintain a safe environment for alternative... - May 04, 2016

Macintosh Electric Corp Safety First: Fireplaces

Heating fueling alternatives are popular again and people are now taking other means to heat their homes. The residential experts of Macintosh Electric Corp offer safety tips for safely using fireplaces in their home. Fireplace Safety: The stove should be burned hot twice a day for 15 – 30... - May 04, 2016

Macintosh Electric Corp Congratulates Mayor Mike Spano

Mayor elect Mike Spano has once again won the race for City Mayor in Yonkers New York this November, 2015. Local Yonkers group M-PAC lent their support to the Mayors re-election campaign. This included local business support such as Yonkers own Licensed Master Electricians Macintosh Electric Corp. - November 13, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Salutes Our Veterans

The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month marks Veterans Day 2015. A day of reflection, a day of remembrance for those brave men and woman whom served our armed forces. This sacrifice is made for freedom, for justice and the pursuit of happiness. This sacrifice cannot be paid... - November 11, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Supports Special Olympics of New York

It is that time of season where contributions are collected and generosity is scarce. In today’s economy it is tough to draw donations from the small business sectors. Large companies are contributing like Dick’s Sporting Goods and their goal is to support school sports across the... - August 08, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp’s Office Manager Volunteers for the City of Yonkers

Yonkers, New York is a beautiful city rich with culture and history. The city employs some of the hardest working police personal in the country. They keep the City organized, safe and manageable. The citizens and local businesses of Yonkers owe much gratitude to their exceptional police force. - August 07, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Remembers the Lovely Diana Muqattash

Macintosh Electric Corp of Yonkers and New York City remembers Diana Muqattash on her one year anniversary of her tragic and untimely passing this May 24th 2015. Diana Muqattash was employed by Macintosh Electric Corp in Yonkers. Before exploring opportunities in the electric field Diana was... - May 06, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Remembers Yonkers Police

Macintosh Electric Corp extends their deepest thanks and gratitude to the Yonkers Police department for their extraordinary efforts in regards to funeral services of one of their own. Last May 28th 2014 Yonkers Police controlled, managed and organized an enormous funeral service for a fallen... - May 06, 2015

Macintosh Electric Thanks Retired Founder Master Electrician Marwan Muqattash

Macintosh Electric Corp thanks Master Electrician Marwan Muqattash and wishes the former President and Founder a happy retirement. Macintosh Electric Corp was born November of 1994 by Westchester County 69th licensed electrician. Macintosh Electric Corp started out as an outfit servicing lower... - May 06, 2015

Notable Today Recognizes Macintosh Electric Corps Vice President

Vice president of Macintosh Electric Corp, Westchester County & New York City electrical contractor is being recognized at Notable Today. A direct blocked quote from Notable Today is presented below. “Notable Today™ is recognizing Michael Muqattash with inclusion in the prestigious... - May 02, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Supports Yonkers Police Department

Yonkers, New York’s own hometown Licensed Electrical Contractor Macintosh Electric Corp emphatically supports Westchester’s largest city. For over 22 years Macintosh Electric Corp has supported the Captain’s Lieutenant’s Sergeant’s Association and encourages local... - April 29, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Supports Yonkers PAL

New York City is home to Macintosh Electric Corp, however the Licensed Electrical Contractors never forget their roots. Macintosh Electric Corp stays committed to supporting Yonkers, New York in all they can. Macintosh Electric Corp has donated for over 20 years now to the Yonkers Police Athletic... - April 29, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Teams Up with Riverdale New York's Daycare Learning Center

Macintosh Electric Corp teams up with the Bronx - Riverdale New York Daycare Learning Center Project; New York City’s own Macintosh Electric Corp are excited to announce its completion. The Bronx, New York, specifically Riverdale, New York will benefit from the Learning Center's presence in... - April 27, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp. Powers Yonkers Largest Dojo

Macintosh Electric Corp. are excited to provide the power for Yonkers’ largest Mixed Martial Arts Dojo. Animals MMA Yonkers is a powerful community figure that teams up with the city’s Police League Association to better the community with charitable exhibitions. This isn’t your... - February 07, 2015

Macintosh Electric Corp Honors America’s Veterans

In honor of Veterans day, Westchester County, New York’s own Macintosh Electric Corp has been running a Veterans Day discount promotion for all of November 2014. Macintosh Electric Corp. has hired multiple Veterans over the past 20 years. They still remain in close contact with their former... - February 05, 2015

Safe and Happy Holidays from Macintosh Electric Corp

Manhattans’ and Yonkers’ own Macintosh Electric Corp encourages all decorators to please trim their properties this year the proper way. Remember Santa is always watching, so please utilize weatherproof outdoor GFCI outlets to illuminate their properties this holiday season. Macintosh... - November 20, 2014

Macintosh Electric Corp Promotes Safety This Hanukkah Season

Macintosh Electric Corp encourages the communities of Riverdale, Bronx, New York City and Scarsdale, New York to properly illuminate their properties this holiday season. Macintosh Electric Corp recommends decorating homes and businesses without prolong usage of extension cords. The Southern... - November 20, 2014

Dangers of Electric Heaters by Macintosh Electric Corp

Electric Heaters are not dangerous, however they are often utilized in an unsafe manor. Any electrical powered equipment often will overload circuits especially in older residencies. If the properties electrical service is not properly grounded and bonded than a fire may easily be started. Often... - November 20, 2014

Don’t Burn Your House Down with Your Pine Christmas Tree Says Licensed Electrician

Christmas time is approaching and that means it’s time to put up your tree. Throughout urban cities like the Bronx, Yonkers and Mount Vernon, New Yorkers put up plastic Christmas Trees. These are very popular and convenient for most Southern Westchester County and New York City... - November 20, 2014

Macintosh Electric Corp Promotes from Within

Macintosh Electric Corp has recently promoted operations manager Michael M. Muqattash to Vice President to run their Westchester County and Manhattan, New York offices. Macintosh Electric Corp is a family owned and operated outfit that started in Yonkers, New York in 1993. Michael has patiently... - November 08, 2014

Mexican and Central American Independence festival in Yonkers Powered by Macintosh Electric Corp

On September 14, Westchester’s largest city Yonkers hosted the first annual Mexican and Central American Independence festival in the heart of the Latin Community. Once again the local Latin community supported its own by affiliating, hiring and advertising the local business of the... - September 26, 2014

Yonkers’ Own Macintosh Electric Corp Powers Up Al Rodeo Tierra Caliente

Yonkers, New York brings back the hottest festival in Westchester County and the New York City region. The Rodeo Tierra Caliente, which features bull riding, Latino music and Latino food, was held at the War Memorial Field in Yonkers on Sunday the 21st 2014. This is the second Rodeo held in... - September 26, 2014

Macintosh Electric Corp Celebrates Their 3rd Consecutive A+ Rating with the BBB

Macintosh Electric Corp is proud to announce that for three years consistently they have maintained an A plus rating with the Better Business Burro. Macintosh Electric Corp is a company that holds itself to the highest of standards. The Westchester County, New York City and Putnam County licensed... - September 26, 2014

Macintosh Electric Thanks Civil Service Worker, Grace Batista

Macintosh Electric Corp has publicly thanked Ms. Grace Batista for her outstanding decade long service to the community of Yonkers, New York. Ms. Batista has dedicated the last ten years to serving the Electrical and Plumbing division of the municipality of Yonkers. Mayor Spano has awarded Ms. - August 16, 2014

Macintosh Electric Provides Opportunities to Electricians During the Recession

In a struggling economy, jobs are hard to come by, let alone careers. Since our economic recession in 2008, our unemployment rate has been in double digits for the first time since the stock market crash of 1929. One small step towards improvement is trade work, and our President allocating... - August 16, 2014

Macintosh Electric Explains "The Prince of Trade" Motto

From mason tenders to electricians, and carpenter to plumbers, America bases its trade value on income and satisfaction. These tradesmen are the backbone of our American society, and for good reason, but who is truly the “Prince of Trade”? Within the construction industry, which... - August 16, 2014

Macintosh Electric is Helping New York Plan and Prepare for the Next Big Storm

Macintosh Electric Corp knows all too well impact of a hurricane and the destruction it leaves behind. In late October 2012 the category 3 Hurricane Sandy tore right into New York City and Westchester County, leaving countless homes and businesses flooded, damaged and without power, with the cities of Yonkers, and New Rochelle feeling much of the impact. - August 03, 2014

Macintosh Electric Powers Up Annual Bull Rodeo in Westchester County, NY

Macintosh Electric, of Yonkers, NY, was the electrical contractor put in charge of providing energy to this year's Annual Bull Rodeo, in Southern Westchester. - July 31, 2014

Macintosh Electric Debuts a New Customer Friendly Website

Macintosh Electric is pleased to announce their new website, which provides visitors with new channels in reaching out to the company, and information on electrical safety, and the environment. - July 13, 2014

Macintosh Electric Helps NY Go Green

Macintosh Electric Corp is dedicated to Going Green, and is requesting the help of New Yorkers in Westchester, and the 5 Boroughs of NYC to take part in a collective effort to drive the movement in Going Green! The US government has done their part by eliminating the production of the standard... - July 03, 2014

Macintosh Electric Launches a Fire Prevention and Safety Campaign for Westchester, and NYC

Macintosh Electric Corp is launching their safety awareness campaign this summer. The company's primary objective is to prevent electrical fires and educate their neighbor’s in Westchester County, and New York City in safety awareness. Macintosh Electric Corp has restored properties all... - July 02, 2014

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