Live Marketing Facilitates Big Data into the Automotive Market Space

Live Marketing is proving to be the Visionary Pioneer in the Automotive Big Data Community, by helping Large Groups Make that Data Actionable. - March 02, 2015

Live Marketing Launches Direct Mail Campaigns That Include DMS Intelligence

Live Marketing, the automotive industry's first data driven marketing engine launches new product that uses DMS profile intelligence to send relevant message to time sensitive buyers. - September 24, 2014

Live Marketing Makes Strides to be the Forefront Data Partner for Multi Roof Automotive Groups in the Nation

Live Marketing is Proving to be the Visionary Pioneer in the Automotive Data Community, by helping Large Groups Excavate, Reconnect and Conquest Existing Customers. - September 04, 2014

Developers of the Industry’s First Data Driven Marketing Engine Receives Multi Dealer Satisfaction

Live Marketing, a new automotive forefront player in the data space, concerning DMS data mining, has been in development of a brilliant strategy to use multi-channel media to help roadmap the process of revitalizing customers in dealer data base to engage and drive buyers back into the showroom. - August 27, 2014

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