Live Marketing Facilitates Big Data into the Automotive Market Space

Live Marketing is proving to be the Visionary Pioneer in the Automotive Big Data Community, by helping Large Groups Make that Data Actionable.

Tampa, FL, March 02, 2015 --( Live Marketing, helps automotive dealers make sense of all the data that is pumped inside their systems every day, by segmenting and analyzing, to help the dealer make automated offers to online consumers.

Many automotive products offer the same insight, but fail to automate real time offers to customers. This Big Data Giant, has crunched all the data and is able to connect many of the current systems in the dealership to help engage customers, and turn them into sales.

Martin Saavedra JR, Visionary Pioneer in the Data Community, and developer of Live Marketing is over whelmed with the tremendous response from Dealer Principals nationwide.

The company has been in development of a brilliant strategy to use multi-channel media -- and -- to roadmap the process of re vitalizing customers in dealers’ data base to engage and drive buyers, to the website and consequently, back into the showroom. They are the new automotive forefront player in the data space, and helping cutting edge dealers build their own Digital Network, in an effort to get away from high price 3rd party vendors.

All reports show an increase in dealership sales month over month, while using the Live Marketing platform to excavate, reconnect and engage with existing customer in dealers DMS, on website and in online shopping network. The staff at the dealership only has to sell cars, the whole process happens seamlessly and without interruption to the daily routine of the dealership personnel. A total hands free marketing solution, which develops goals set by ownership and instituted by software, from goal setting to total deployment, the system handles everything and send buyers back into the showroom as a fresh prospect.

Live Marketing is the auto industry's first data driven marketing engine platform and connects over 20 million online auto shoppers with DMS and website behavior tracking, to offer them a real time Best offer. Founded by a team of veteran automotive and visionary pioneers in the data community, the company's mission is to disrupt traditional, old fashion campaigns and drive showroom-up rates through the roof. Allowing auto dealers to concentrate on selling, rather than mindless routine marketing habits that prove to be worthless. LIVE MARKETING has patent-pending unique algorithm that is used to mine the data in your DMS, and is delivering campaigns through direct, digital, and email designed to reach the right customers at the right time. This technology has a high conversion rate and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing options. Live Marketing is based in Tampa, Florida. More info:
Live Marketing
Daniela Sherrod