Eye-On-Edge Announces New Years Resolution Discount Off Their Energy Bracelets and Other Products

Eye-On-Edge, an online retailer of therapeutic energy bracelets and more, has announced a 15% discount off their products to help people reach their New Years health and fitness resolutions. The discount, for which the code can be found on their website, is good towards the purchase of any of their... - January 27, 2016

Eye on Edge Announces Energy Bracelets at Upcoming Expos and Events

Eye on Edge, seller of the energy bracelets have just announced that the company will be participating in a number of events and expos this season as promoters and endorsers of energy bracelets. - June 11, 2015

Eye on Edge Announces Healing Bracelets and Energy Products for Rehabilitation

Eye on Edge has announced that healing bracelets and energy products such as sheets and tubing can be used to assist with pain relief and healing for rehabilitation, especially due to falls, which is a very common way that people become injured or have chronic pain. - February 03, 2015

Eye on Edge Announces Healing Bracelets as Versatile Holiday Gifts

Eye on Edge has announced that their healing bracelets make a versatile holiday gift for anyone from friends and family to colleagues. - December 18, 2014

Eye on Edge Promotes Healing Bracelets as Gift Ideas

Eye on Edge is promoting their line of healing bracelets as a gift option for their customers. Healing bracelets are an ideal option for many, as they provide healing and wellness benefits, while being stylish and cost effective. - October 08, 2014

Eye on Edge Announces Appearances at Events to Sell Healing Bracelets

Eye on Edge, has recently announced that they will be appearing at two events in September to sell their healing bracelets, which have been known to alleviate symptoms of fatigue, pain and to assist with curing injuries, disease and chronic conditions. - September 12, 2014

Eye on Edge Ion Bands Company Spokeswoman is Selected for Women of Distinction Magazine

Eye-On-Edge, seller of the ion bands has just announced that spokeswoman Barbara Suyehiro has been selected as one of 50 professional women to be featured in the Women of Distinction Magazine in November. - August 14, 2014

Eye on Edge Balance Wristband Company’s Spokeswoman Joins National Association of Professional Woman

Eye on Edge, seller of the balance wristband, has just announced that spokeswoman Barbara Suyehiro has been invited to join the National Association for Professional Women. - July 30, 2014

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