Eye on Edge Promotes Healing Bracelets as Gift Ideas

Eye on Edge is promoting their line of healing bracelets as a gift option for their customers. Healing bracelets are an ideal option for many, as they provide healing and wellness benefits, while being stylish and cost effective.

Stockton, CA, October 08, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Healing bracelets are a great gift idea for anyone from colleagues to parents and they are cost effective for almost every budget; within the $25-$50 price range. There are a number of benefits to purchasing healing bracelets as a gift including the ability to purchase in different styles and colors. The Metal Bracelet 3000/2000 has the most negatively charged ions and is the most powerful. This is perfect for an elderly Father or to show help to a friend that hasn’t been feeling his best. The Silicon Bright Bands are available in many fun and sporty colors. These are ideal for gift exchanges like Secret Santa at work or for a friend’s birthday party. Any style of bracelet is the perfect way to show caring and thoughtful intentions.

Eye on Edge is a health and wellness company that strives to provide healing bracelets and other wellness products to the general, mass market. In addition to energy and balance wristbands the company also offers innovative health solutions such as energy sheets and tubes, and will be launching other energy products such as necklaces, which are stylish and affordable for anyone that wants to feel better and reduce all types of discomfort both physical to emotional. Two brand new up and coming health products that Eye on Edge will be introducing to the market will include: flip flops with tire tread soles (Bear Foot Sandals) zing anything aqua and citrus water bottles to carry that are naturally infused with citrus and herbs for tasty water.

Eye on Edge is available to answer questions about their healing bracelets and can be contacted directly.

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Barbara Suyehiro