GrammaTech Selected by the U.S. Navy to Improve Software Security

Model generation tool will allow developers to specify expected behavior in their code for enhanced protection against attacks on large and complex systems. - August 24, 2013

NASA Awards GrammaTech Contract for Eclipse Specification Editing and Discovery Tool for C/C++

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading software developer specializing in software assurance tools and cybersecurity solutions, today announced that the company has received an award from NASA to prototype a specification editing and discovery tool (SPEEDY) for C/C++ code analysis. Packaged as a plug-in to... - July 13, 2013

GrammaTech Selected for More Than $8M in Research Contracts

GrammaTech, Inc., an Ithaca-based software company specializing in software-assurance tools and cybersecurity solutions, announced today that the company has been selected for award on more than eight and a quarter million dollars in research contracts. GrammaTech performs sponsored research for... - April 25, 2013

GrammaTech Integrates Static Analysis with Eclipse Development Environment

CodeSonar’s warnings for C/C++ and Java code now viewable within Eclipse. - April 25, 2013

GrammaTech Helps EEMBC Ensure Robustness of Processor Benchmarks

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of software analysis tools, today announced that the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has adopted GrammaTech’s static analysis tool. - April 10, 2013

GrammaTech Announces Static Analysis Tool for Examining Binaries

CodeSonar for binaries identifies security vulnerabilities in third-party executables, enabling better Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). - March 07, 2013

GrammaTech Announces Enhancements to CodeSonar Visualization

New functionality dramatically simplifies defect detection - February 28, 2013

GrammaTech Provides Static-Analysis Technology to Universities Under Expanded Academic Program

Award-winning GrammaTech CodeSonar static-analysis tool available for classes and research. - January 31, 2013

GrammaTech Introduces Static Analysis for Java

CodeSonar source-code analysis tool provides unified interface for analyzing multiple languages. - September 20, 2012

GrammaTech CodeSonar 3.8 Pinpoints Defects with Greater Precision and Speed

Source-code analysis up to six times faster with lower false positive rate - September 06, 2012

GrammaTech Wins Award for Most Significant New Software Product at Design West/ESC Conference

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of source-code analysis tools, was awarded the 2012 Embeddy Award for most significant new software product for its new CodeSonar software architecture visualization system. The award was presented by VDC Research Group, Inc. (VDC), the sponsor of the... - April 06, 2012

GrammaTech Introduces Next-Generation Architecture Visualization System

CodeSonar’s visualization scales to millions of lines of code. - March 29, 2012

Major Automotive Manufacturers Adopt Automated Software Testing Technologies for Improved Reliability and Security

GrammaTech’s CodeSonar used for both safety-critical and infotainment applications - March 02, 2012

GrammaTech Announces New Version of CodeSonar

*Sophisticated New Analysis Identifies Concurrency Defects *Code-Level Metrics Provide Testing Guidance - September 30, 2011

GrammaTech Announces Static Analysis for Multi-Core and Multi-Threaded Applications

DARPA-sponsored technology improves system reliability by identifying race conditions and other program-crashing concurrency defects. - May 08, 2011

GrammaTech Signs Distribution Agreement with Pertech Embedded Solutions

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of source-code-analysis tools, announced today that Pertech Embedded Solutions is now offering products, installation, integration and support services for GrammaTech solutions in Israel. - April 08, 2011

GrammaTech Streamlines ISO 26262 Compliance for Functional Safety in Automotive Industry

CodeSonar static-analysis tool also helps automotive manufacturers avoid security vulnerabilities - March 03, 2011

GrammaTech and Lattix Introduce Product Integration

Deep source code analysis enhances architecture management for complex C/C++ systems - February 25, 2011

GrammaTech Used in Toyota Unintended Acceleration Investigation

NASA Engineering and Safety Center analyzed Toyota Camry software with GrammaTech’s CodeSonar static-analysis tool. - February 23, 2011

GrammaTech Releases Latest Version of CodeSonar

New user interface and improved performance enhances developer productivity - January 14, 2011

AFRL Awards $13M Software Security Contract to GrammaTech

Subcontractors Raytheon Company, the University of Virginia, and Georgia Tech join effort to neutralize software vulnerabilities in security-critical applications - October 06, 2010

GrammaTech Announces Newest Version of CodeSonar for Enhanced Developer Productivity

GrammaTech Announces Newest Version of CodeSonar, 3.6. - April 29, 2010

GrammaTech Expands Leadership Role with Major Medical Device Manufacturers

CodeSonar’s ability to identify more defects is a key factor in customer adoption - March 05, 2010

GrammaTech Achieves Record Growth in 2009

GrammaTech, Inc., manufacturer of the most in-depth source-code analysis technology, today announced record product sales for 2009. The company also increased the staff by more than 40% in 2009. Privately held, and profitable every year since its inception, the company has thrived since the... - January 28, 2010

GrammaTech Announces Support for Secure Coding to Reduce Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

CodeSonar to enforce US-CERT’s Build Security In coding rules. - September 27, 2009

GrammaTech Announces Newest Version of CodeSonar

Includes performance and integration improvements, and support for The Power of 10 rules for developing safety-critical code. - March 30, 2009

GrammaTech Achieves Record Revenue in 2008

120% increase in CodeSonar sales is testament to strength of flagship product and sales execution. - March 07, 2009

GrammaTech Chosen for Prestigious U.S. Army Program

Company selected for its state-of-the-art anti-tamper technology. - November 19, 2008

GrammaTech Announces Dramatic Improvements to CodeSonar Static-Analysis Engine

CodeSonar analyzing code up to 5 times faster. - October 31, 2008

Static-Analysis Tool Support for Mac OS X Now Available from GrammaTech

CodeSonar 3.1 Enterprise now supports both the desktop and server versions of Mac OS X. CodeSonar digs deeper and identifies serious bugs that other tools miss. - June 26, 2008

GrammaTech Awarded DARPA Contract

To Develop Static-Analysis Technology for Examining Multi-Core Systems. - April 16, 2008

GrammaTech Announces First Fully Compatible Static-Analysis Tool for MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration Security Standard

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading provider of source-code analysis tools, declared today that CodeSonar Enterprise is the first static-analysis tool that is compatible with all aspects of MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) standard. CodeSonar has now entered CWE’s Evaluation Phase,... - March 19, 2008

GrammaTech Awarded NASA Contract for Advanced Static Analysis Technology

GrammaTech, Inc., a leading provider of source-code analysis tools, today announced that it has been awarded an additional $600,000 to an existing NASA contract for developing advanced static-analysis technology. The new NASA-funded technology will advance the state-of-the-art in static-analysis... - January 30, 2008

GrammaTech Announces CodeSonar Enterprise with Web-Based Defect-Management System

CodeSonar’s aggressive static-analysis engine will be paired with a web-based defect-management system and database, making it easy for large development teams to manage results. - September 20, 2007

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