The Latest Version of SuperGIS Server Will Make Its Debut in Q4

Supergeo is going to launch its latest update of SuperGIS Server with the powerful 3D extension. Users will be able to display, analyze, and edit their 3D data on different handheld devices with ease. - August 11, 2018

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration Offers a Mobile Tour Guide App in Shueili Che-Cheng

The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration collaborates with Supergeo to develop a mobile tour guide app that allows the officials to improve the travel service quality. - June 16, 2018

Geodezija 3D in Lithuania Took SuperSurv as the Best Helper for Forest Survey

Geodezija 3D in Lithuania makes a smart choice to apply SuperSurv to their business on field surveying. SuperSurv supports high-precision positioning that ensures better working efficiency. - June 02, 2018

Supergeo Strengthens the Partnership with Hollywood to Further Open Its Business in Thailand

Supergeo always take in the advice and strive to provide better integrated GIS solutions that cater for users from different professional fields. - May 12, 2018

Supergeo Supports Philippine Reseller RASA Surveying to Further Expand Business

In April 2018, Supergeo sent skilled personnel to Manila for one-week training. By taking such action, resellers will gain confidence and expand its business. - April 29, 2018

Shih Hsin University Dominates SuperGIS Youth Award 2018

The participants from Shih Hsin University had outstanding performance and won the champion and the second place at 6th SuperGIS Youth Award. Congratulations! - April 22, 2018

SuperGIS Web Mapper 2.0 is Ready for Release

The latest SuperGIS Web Mapper will help users establish a custom GIS website without a single line of code as well as adding useful GIS tools they want. - April 14, 2018

SuperGIS Desktop Wins the Heart of Romanian Consulting Firms

After using SuperGIS Desktop for years, SysCAD, the Romanian surveying consulting firm recommends its business partner, EcoGIS, to select the same product. - April 01, 2018

SuperSurv Selected by Indonesian Agency for Forest Conservation

By the assist of GPS Lands Indosolutions, the forest department in Indonesia selected SuperSurv and installed on Trimble’s TDC100 to collect spatial data. - March 31, 2018

Supergeo Strengthens the Partnership with RASA Surveying

RASA surveying, Supergeo’s Philippine reseller, visited Taiwan in Feb. 2018 and discussed how to promote SuperGIS products in 2018 and upcoming years. - March 18, 2018

Supergeo Enhances the Agricultural Productivity in St. Kitts and Nevis

SuperGIS Desktop developed by Supergeo is selected as the main tool to enhance the agricultural productivity of St. Kitts and Nevis in an international project. - March 11, 2018

Zero-Coding Web GIS Designer - SuperGIS Web Mapper Update

In the upcoming SuperGIS Web Mapper v2, Supergeo will augment this tool with the tools of opacity adjusting, layers comparing, and attribute tables displaying. - February 11, 2018

New SuperGIS 3D API for JavaScript - Coming Soon

The new SuperGIS 3D API for JavaScript is coming soon. In this release, users can not only integrate various data easily but also have a smoother experience. - February 03, 2018

Supergeo Offers Educational Site License at a Competitive Price

Supergeo releases a site license program includes mobile, desktop, and server GIS at an affordable price, aiming to help students build a complete GIS workflow. - January 28, 2018

Chronostec Becomes Supergeo’s Exclusive Reseller in Western Africa

Supergeo welcomes Chronostec, the IT company from Côte d'Ivoire, to join its reseller network as the exclusive SuperGIS distributor in Western Africa (ECOWAS). - January 19, 2018

Towards a More Accurate GNSS Positioning – SuperSurv 10.1’s Support for RTCM 3.1

After the release of SuperSurv 10.1, Supergeo continuously improves this outstanding mobile GIS app by supporting RTCM 3.1 to enhance positioning accuracy. - January 06, 2018

Supergeo Teams Up with DataGNSS to Provide a Cost-Effective RTK Solution

By installing SuperSurv on the android devices made by DATAGNSS, Supergeo teams up with DATAGNSS aiming to provide a more integrated GIS/GNSS solution. - December 23, 2017

Supergeo’s New Website Brings a More Pleasant Browsing Experience

Supergeo has just upgraded its website with a brand-new design and changed the hosting service to a stronger one, providing a smoother browsing experience. - December 17, 2017

Canadian Company Timbercraft Consultation Chooses SuperPad

Canadian company Timbercraft chooses SuperPad to help field workers collect precise spatial data by its advanced GNSS and GIS technologies. - December 10, 2017

3D Viewshed Will be Released in the Next SuperGIS Earth Server

Supergeo is developing the cutting-edge feature, 3D Viewshed, in its web 3D product. This function will be released in the next update to help various works. - December 03, 2017

Making a Giant Leap Toward Smart Irrigation with SuperGIS

SuperGIS Irrigation Module is released. Hargreaves method is selected to help farmers calculate crop water requirement in this version. More methods are coming. - November 26, 2017

Supergeo Partners with Agricultural Engineering Research Center to Develop Irrigation Solution

Partnering with AERC, Supergeo recently has developed an irrigation solution and would like to promote it to ASEAN countries like Thailand, Indonesia, etc. - November 19, 2017

Building a Unique GIS Website Without Coding by Brand New SuperGIS Server 10

Equipped with zero-code web GIS builder - Web Mapper, the last but not least product in SuperGIS 10 family, SuperGIS Server 10, will be unveiled in late Q4 2017. - November 19, 2017

Last SuperSurv 10.0 Update Released, Next: SuperSurv 10.1

With more coordinate systems and a new menu for the source of GPS precision, SuperSurv 10.0 will end at this update. SuperSurv 10.1 will be released soon. - October 22, 2017

GriBat Consultants Selects SuperPad for Spatial Data Collection

The professional French building consulting firm GriBat chooses SuperPad to collect spatial data in the field and depict precise maps for construction sites. - October 14, 2017

SuperSurv 10.1 Supports New Raster Formats and Online Maps

From SuperSurv 10.1, this cutting edge mobile GIS will start to support Google Map and TIFF. Also, several new features will be added to help your field works. - September 22, 2017

Several Improvements Made in the Latest Version of SuperGIS Desktop 10

After improving several features in 3D spatial data display and map tiles, the latest update of SuperGIS Desktop is released and awaits you to experience. - September 08, 2017

SuperPad Will Support the Popular MBTiles Format in the Next Update

SuperPad, one of the best-selling mobile GIS of Supergeo, will start to support the popular tile format- MBTiles in the next update. - September 02, 2017

Hydracos Selects SuperPad for Water Utility Inspection

SuperPad, one of the best selling Mobile GIS of Supergeo, is earlier selected by Hydracos, a French water utility consulting firm, to help on-site inspection. - September 02, 2017

Learn Advanced Tools and Analysts with SuperGIS Online Manuals

Recently, Supergeo has released more manuals online to help users better understand how to operate complex methods, like Kriging or Finding Best Route. - September 02, 2017

SuperGIS 3D Solutions to View Cities from Different Angles

SuperGIS has released various 3D GIS products, which include the 3D Analyst of SuperGIS Desktop, SuperGIS Globe, SuperGIS Cube, and the SuperGIS 3D Server. - September 02, 2017

Upcoming SuperGIS Webinar- Web-Based 3D Cadastral Mapping

On Aug. 16, Supergeo will host a webinar focused on the web-based 3D GIS solution, built by SuperGIS 3D Earth Server and its APIs. Sign up and learn more. - August 11, 2017

Web Mapper in SuperGIS Server 10- Building Web GIS Without Coding

In the upcoming product- SuperGIS Server 10, Supergeo will provide a brand-new interface and a tool called Web Mapper to help users create web GIS without coding. - August 11, 2017

Brive City Uses SuperSurv to Update Topographic Maps

With the help of Geo RM, Supergeo’s reseller in France, the city of Ville de Brive has selected SuperSurv to assist its surveyors to build topographic maps. - August 04, 2017

Upgraded Extensions of SuperGIS Desktop Provide More Insights

Before the end of this July, Supergeo will release a new update of SuperGIS Desktop 10 along with brand-new SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst and Biodiversity Analyst. Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperGIS Desktop 10 is powerful and multifunctional stand-alone GIS software, which... - July 28, 2017

SuperSurv Selected for Road Data Collection in Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

The award-winning mobile GIS app- SuperSurv 10 was selected by DDT in Meurthe-et-Moselle department to collect and edit road data in the field. - July 28, 2017

Supergeo to Showcase the Latest GIS Products at INTERGEO 2017

Supergeo will showcase its latest SuperGIS 10 products at INTERGEO 2017, including SuperSurv, SuperPad, SuperGIS Desktop, and the upcoming SuperGIS Server. - July 21, 2017

Managing Assets from Different Angles- SuperGIS 3D Earth Server

In the recent development of SuperGIS 3D Earth Server, Supergeo has not only significantly improved overall performance but has added several useful functions. - July 09, 2017

SuperSurv 10 Wins Golden Map Award Issued by TGIS

Integrating advanced GIS and GNSS tech on Android, SuperSurv 10 won the highest honor of GIS in Taiwan, given by Taiwan Geographic Information Society. - July 09, 2017

Supergeo Holds SuperGIS Cup 2017 to Promote Geographic Thinking

Supergeo has held SuperGIS Cup to promote geographic thinking among students in Taiwan for years. For 2017, the due date for submitting proposals is June 30. - June 22, 2017

Embrace GeoJSON Format Together with SuperGIS Desktop

The latest release of SuperGIS Desktop adds a function for supporting GeoJSON because it is one of the most widely-used formats in geospatial open data. - June 22, 2017

SuperPad 10 - Heading to the Era of Cloud Tech

The upcoming new feature of SuperPad will help you update the collected data to Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can collect a large amount of data at once. - June 13, 2017

French Environmental Consulting Althis Selects SuperPad to Collect Data

Althis, the environmental consulting firm in France, has selected SuperPad, the mobile GIS developed by Supergeo, to collect spatial data in the field. - June 13, 2017

University of the Punjab Selects SuperGIS Desktop 10

University of the Punjab, the oldest and most prestigious university in Pakistan selects SuperGIS Desktop 10 for their geography and remote sensing education. - June 09, 2017

Latest SuperGIS Desktop 10 Release Provides a Smoother Experience

The latest release of SuperGIS Desktop 10 not only fixes bugs but provides more compatibilities with Excel and monitors, and in the future, SQLite and GeoJSON. - June 09, 2017

New Features of SuperSurv 10 That You Cannot Ignore

A major update of SuperSurv 10 is released. Two new features are added - Quick Report and the support for WFS, helping users be even more productive. - May 26, 2017

Supergeo Will Showcase Its Latest GIS Products at Geosmart Asia 2017

Supergeo will exhibit its next-gen GIS products and solutions at the biggest geospatial event in Asia-Pacific- GeoSmart Asia 2017 from August 22 to 24. - May 26, 2017

Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia Selects SuperSurv

By using mobile GIS SuperSurv, the officials of Indonesia’s Public Works and Housing can monitor and control the quality of projects more easily. - May 19, 2017

Latest SuperSurv 3.3 Offers More Than Bug Fixes

Supergeo continues to upgrade and maintain SuperSurv 3.3. In the latest update, SuperSurv has more coordinate systems and supports external devices using NTRIP. - May 19, 2017

Supergeo Releases the Latest Update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.3

The latest update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.3 is available now. In this release, Supergeo has improved the performance and strengthened the support for XLSX & DXF. - May 05, 2017

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