Kingston Plumbers John the Plumber Offering Leading-Class Local Emergency Services

Kingston, Ontario-based plumbing experts John the Plumber is now offering highly responsive emergency plumbing services. The company’s 24-hour emergency services will ensure that any plumbing emergencies their Kingston clients experience will be swiftly and professionally resolved by their expert plumbers while achieving the highest standards for quality and workmanship within the marketplace. - April 18, 2016

John the Plumber Offering Market Leading Emergency Plumbing Service Throughout Ottawa

Ottawa, ON-based plumbing experts John the Plumber have recently announced they’ll now be offering emergency plumbing services throughout Ottawa. The company’s announcement means they can now respond to the emergency needs of clients across the region as they prevent and resolve a range of home plumbing issues. - January 27, 2016

John the Plumber Offers Expert Drain Cleaning Services Throughout Ottawa

Ottawa, ON-based plumbers, John the Plumber is now offering one of the local market’s leading drain cleaning services. The company’s experts can now be called upon on short notice to respond to a range of drain issues, including clogged drains, and frozen or broken piping. It’s the professional Ottawa drain cleaning service to help reduce home safety issues. - December 19, 2015

John The Plumbing Offering Expert-Guided Emergency Plumbing Service Throughout Ottawa

Ottawa, ON-based plumbing company, John the Plumber has recently announced they’re offering a comprehensive emergency plumbing service throughout the region. The company’s service specialists have several years experience in the marketplace and can use their experience to respond quickly and adeptly any plumbing issue within the home. It’s the dynamic service solution to a range of plumbing emergencies. - November 19, 2015

Kingston Ontario-Based John the Plumber Now Available for Winterization Consulting Work

Kingston-ON-based plumbing company John the Plumber have announced that their technical experts are available throughout Ottawa and Kingston for plumbing winterization consultations. - October 25, 2015

John the Plumber Helping Secure Homes with Emergency Plumbing Service in Kingston

Kingston, Ontario-based plumbing company, John the Plumber are now offering emergency services in the local Kingston and Ottawa areas. - October 25, 2015

Kingston-Based John the Plumber Answers Several of the Most Common Plumbing Questions

Kingston, ON-based plumbing experts John the Plumber have recently been explaining answers to several of the most common plumbing questions asked by their clients. - August 08, 2015

John the Plumber Offering Emergency Plumbing Guidance to Clients Across Ottawa

Ottawa-based plumbing specialist John the Plumber is now working with clients to help them prepare for plumbing emergencies in their home. - August 08, 2015

Kingston-Based John the Plumber Offers Specialist Commercial Plumbing Services

Kingston, Ontario-based plumbing expert, John the Plumber is now helping commercial property owners improve their tenant services with fit-up solutions. The company’s fit-up services will provide clients with a professionally designed plumbing system to maximize their tenants’ experience within the property. It’s a service on which the leading commercial property owners across Kingston depend on. - July 17, 2015

Kingston Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offering CCTV Drain Pipe Camera Inspections

Prior to purchasing an older home, it is always a good idea to have the drains inspected using CCTV technology first. In doing so, homeowners will be able to know ahead of time how much money it will cost them to make the necessary plumbing repairs. A CCTV camera can identify blockages that cause serious long-term problems and save homeowners grief down the road, which is why Kingston plumbers from John the Plumber are now offering CCTV drain pipe inspections. - May 30, 2015

The Frost Free Hose Bib: Now Available for Installation by a Kingston Plumber from John the Plumber

During the cold winter season, it is not uncommon for outdoor pipes to freeze. Because of the fluctuating weather in Canada, the water in hose bibs continue to freeze, melt, and expand throughout the year until it causes leaks, cracks, and bursts. That is why Kingston plumbers from John the Plumber recommend that homeowners install a frost free hose bib and prevent unnecessary damages to their piping. - May 29, 2015

The Ottawa Plumbing Professionals at John the Plumber Announce the 2015 Bathroom Design Renovation Trends

Many homeowners across the Greater Region of Ottawa choose the professionals at John the Plumber whenever they have a plumbing problem because of their hard work and reliable services. However, what Ottawans may not know is that the trained experts and John the Plumber also offer renovation services. - April 08, 2015

The Barrhaven Plumbing Professionals at John the Plumber Explain the Polybutylene Pipe Problem

Polybutylene is a flexible plastic pipe that was once widely used in the plumbing of Canadian homes. Between the 1970’s and 1990’s a large number of homes in Canada were built with polybutylene pipes. The problem with polythene pipes is that they are unreliably designed to crack, leak, and break. That is why homeowners who notice something wrong with their plumbing should immediately contact the professionals at John the Plumber. - April 08, 2015

Kanata Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offering Customers a Wider Range of Plumbing Services

For many homeowners finding the perfect plumbing company that is reliable and within budget can often be a difficult endeavour. - April 07, 2015

New Kanata Plumbing Company John the Plumber Eliminates Foul Smells from Homes in Spring Special

Homeowners who have noticed a strange odour coming from their pipes should not delay in their decision to contact the professionals. - April 07, 2015

New Bathroom Plumbing Repair & Renovation Services Now Available from John the Plumber Plumbing Contractors

When homeowners experience a bathroom plumbing issue, there is no reason to flush money down the drain. - April 07, 2015

Kingston Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Offer Customers Kitchen & Faucet Installations, Upgrades, Repairs, & Renovations

Mealtimes are a time-honoured tradition that brings families together, especially during dinner. - April 07, 2015

Ottawa Plumbers from John the Plumber Now Presenting Clients with New Drainage Services for Clogs

When a clogged drain becomes an issue for the entire household, homeowners often look to the cheapest and fastest solution; over-the-counter drainage cleaners. - April 07, 2015

Barrhaven Plumbing Experts from John the Plumber Encourage Spring Cleaners to Go Above & Beyond This Year

Every year, as the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out of hiding, homeowners get inspired to trade in their wintertime blues for a mop. - March 07, 2015

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