Kingston-Based John the Plumber Answers Several of the Most Common Plumbing Questions

Kingston, ON-based plumbing experts John the Plumber have recently been explaining answers to several of the most common plumbing questions asked by their clients.

Ottawa, Canada, August 08, 2015 --( Included in the most common questions are queries such as “How can I check my home for a plumbing leak?” and “What can I do if my toilet is constantly running?” The John the Plumber team is now answering these questions based on their years of marketplace experience.

In attempting to resolve their plumbing issues, homeowners across Kingston must seek out advice from trusted professionals in the field. Many have mistakenly attempted to resolve plumbing problems without expert assistance, only to damage their property and cause more serious plumbing issues to occur. Now, the team at Kingston, Ontario-based plumbing firm John the Plumber is providing expert responses to some of the most common questions regarding plumbing performance and maintenance.

One of the more common questions the company encounters when speaking with homeowners across Kingston is “How can I check my home plumbing for leaks?” The John the Plumber experts ask that homeowners suspecting a leak within their property record the level of their water meter, ensure that nobody uses the water for the next few hours, and then record the water levels again. This process can be completed in the late evening to ensure the bathroom and kitchen spaces aren’t being used during this time. If the water levels have changed after homeowners check the meter for a second time, it’s highly likely there’s a leak in the home that requires repair.

By following the guidance of experts such as John the Plumber, homeowners can now become more effective in protecting the structure of their property against leaks and other plumbing issues. To learn further answers to common plumbing questions, please contact the John the Plumber team directly at 343-477-1970 or visit their business website via
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