TeleSky Shopping Announces the Launch of Dr. Tea

Dr. Tea is a newly launched product on TeleSky Shopping, that is tremendously effective for helping people lose weight, enhance fitness levels and it gives an unmistakable glow to the skin. The health tonic doubles up as a refreshing beverage, and is high on vitamins, food fibers, minerals and microelements. - January 16, 2015

TeleSkyShopping Presents Deemark Hair Oil- the Complete Herbal Solution for All Hair Related Issues

TeleSky Shopping is proud to announce the launch of Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus. Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus is a complete herbal product, is free from any side effects, and is often cited as the best way to get hair that is healthier and shinier. This is made from 57 rare Ayurvedic herbs, and while it is greatly effective for overcoming tension and headache, it is soothing on the scalp. - January 07, 2015

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