TeleSky Shopping Announces the Launch of Dr. Tea

Dr. Tea is a newly launched product on TeleSky Shopping, that is tremendously effective for helping people lose weight, enhance fitness levels and it gives an unmistakable glow to the skin. The health tonic doubles up as a refreshing beverage, and is high on vitamins, food fibers, minerals and microelements.

North Chelmsford, NH, January 16, 2015 --( TeleSky Shopping launches Dr. Tea, a refreshing beverage that doubles up as a tremendous health tonic.

Over the years, Dr. Tea has come across as a drink that enhances energy levels, boosts metabolism and is high in vitamins, food fibers, minerals and microelements. And a significant feature of Dr. Tea is its effectiveness in helping one to lose weight by reducing body fat.

Dr. Tea is a 100% herbal product that is made as a combination of green tea and some rare therapeutic herbs, and that makes Dr. Tea greatly effective for reducing weight in people who are overweight or obese. As one consumes Dr. Tea, one does not just lose weight, but stays healthy.

A 100% herbal remedy, Dr. Tea has been made scientifically while adhering to the principles of Ayurveda. The beverage acts as a greatly effective detoxifying agent, and efficaciously flushes out the toxins from the body. So this can act as a boon for anyone suffering from body pain or heaviness. Alternately, Dr. Tea is full of anti-oxidants that overcome damage caused by free radicals, and correspondingly minimize signs of aging.

Dr. Tea works in many ways to enhance our everyday health and well being. By boosting the metabolism, it enhances the feel good factor and also rejuvenates the mind and body. Another reason why Dr. Tea is a preferred drink across the world is that it makes the skin glow, and by boosting our immunities, the health tonic ensures that we stay healthy. As one’s metabolism is regularized, one is able to get over untimely hunger pangs, and a reduction in appetite automatically works towards inducing weight loss and keeping the weight off. So when one consumes Dr. Tea, it becomes easier to consume the right foods consistently.

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