Urbacon CEO Moataz Al Khayyat Details Facilities Installed at the Banana Island Resort Qatar

UrbaCon Trading & Contracting is involved in several large scale projects and over the past few years has become one of the most prominent building contractors in Qatar. Company CEO Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat commented recently on the Island project now completed. - March 03, 2016

Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat of UCC Qatar Talks Hospitality in the Middle East

Doha has the potential to rival Dubai as a destination hub, and in order to do so it is being called upon by UrbaCon Contracting & Trading (UCC) CEO Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat to match it in the hospitality sector. - November 27, 2015

CEO Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat Details UCC Hospitality Projects in Doha, Qatar

CEO Mr, Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat is being called upon to match up Qatar's capital city Doha with the likes of Dubai in the rapidly developing hospitality sector. Mr. Al Khayat owner of UCC Qatar is gearing up his company's headquarter city for the approaching World Cup in 2022. - October 23, 2015

Mr. Mohammed Moataz Al-Khayyat Talks Tourism in the Gulf

Chief Executive Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al-Khayyat of Qatar-based Contracting company UrbaCon (UCC) comments on the rise in tourism within the Gulf state. The increase in the number of visitors creates a need for construction of new real estate and growth of the service industry. (Also known as CEO Mohamed Moutaz al-Khayyat) - August 05, 2015

Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat's Orient Pearl Restaurant Wins "Time Out Doha" 2015 Award

Middle Eastern construction magnate and owner of the Orient Pearl Restaurant Doha, Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat, also known by the name Moutaz Al Khayat, has received citywide recognition for the high standards acheived by his high flying eatery. Winner of the 2015 "Best Family Restaurant" by Time Out Doha, the Orient continues to build on from its previously won "Best Interior Design 2014" accolade. - July 08, 2015

Director Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat of UrbaCon Qatar: Stunning Banana Island Resort Doha Complete

Chief Executive, Mr. Mohamed Moataz (Moutaz) Al Khayyat of UrbaCon Trading & Contracting based in the Qatar State Capital Doha celebrates the completion of the new luxurious Banana Island Resort by Anantara. Offering bespoke hospitality to meet every guests need along with second to none facilities, the Banana Island Resort located off the coast of Doha is a testament to the capabilities Mr. Al Khayyat’s business, UrbaCon Trading and Contracting. - June 22, 2015

Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat's UCC Qatar Set to Complete One of the World's Largest Shopping Malls in Autumn 2015 - Update

The Qatar-based Trading and Contracting Company, UrbaCon, headed by Managing Director Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat is poised to complete the constuction of one of the biggest shopping complexes in the world, The Mall of Qatar, in the third quarter of this year. - May 09, 2015

Qatari Contractor Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat Focuses on Green Real Estate Projects in the Arabian Gulf Region

Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat of UrbaCon Contracting and Trading comments on the relationship between the rise in the volume of tourists visiting the Arab Gulf and the increasing need for green ecofriendly construction projects. - May 04, 2015

Mr. Mohamed Moataz Al Khayyat | KCT Qatar Achieves Global Standards of Practice by British Standards Institution

The Al Khayyat Contracting & Trading Company. (KCT), headed by CEO Moataz Al Khayyat recently became the first company in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to receive recognition of its global standards of practice by the British Standards Institution. - May 01, 2015

UCC CEO Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat Comments on Achieving 10 Million Man-Hours Without Lost-Time Incident

"Achieving 10 million man-hours without major incident is no accident,” says Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat, CEO of UrbaCon Contracting & Trading (UCC), “but the direct consequence of the company’s commitment to safety and accountability." - April 08, 2015

Moataz Al Khayyat's Contracting Firm, KCT Qatar, Completes Luxury 5-Star Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Doha

Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat's leading contracting firm, KCT Qatar, celebrates the completion of the highly anticipated luxury 5-star Hilton DoubleTree Hotel. The 186 key new build stretches 75m up into the Gulf State's skyline & boasts a Sky Bar closely accompanied by a pool deck and Shisha Lounge amongst a plethora of world-class amenities. - April 04, 2015

Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat | Building One of Qatar’s Leading Contracting Firms UCC

Established in 2011, UCC has wasted no time affirming a solid reputation within the construction industry, particularly focusing however not limiting its activities within the influential Middle Eastern state of Qatar. The Doha-based company, headed by CEO Moataz Al Khayyat has been ranked 184th out of a list of the Top 250 Global Contractors as stated by Engineering News-Record, and goes on to note the UCC’s total revenue during 2013 surpassed a figure of $1.19 billion US Dollars. - March 25, 2015

Moataz Al-Khayyat at Forefront of Infrastructure Growth Within Gulf State Qatar

Moataz Al-Khayyat at Forefront of Infrastructure Growth Within Gulf State Qatar

The Arcadis Global Infrastructure Investment Spending Index has recently ranked the prosperous Gulf State of Qatar in 2nd place, narrowly missing the top spot held by Singapore. Qatar, a cash rich economic powerhouse, boasts some of the highest investment profiles in the world and has displayed double figure average growth across all construction services. - February 17, 2015

Businessman Moataz Al Khayyat Funds Scholarships for Syrian Students Enrolled at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Businessman Mr. Moataz Al Khayyat recently announced that he is providing substantial financial support to the Emergency Student Fund of the Institute of International Education to award scholarships to 43 Syrian students enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. - February 13, 2015

Construction Magnate Moataz Al Khayyat Estimates $200bn Spend

Leading contractor KCT Qatar, headed by CEO Moataz Al Khayyat, expects total construction infrastructure investment to breach the $200bn mark within the next 10 years. - January 29, 2015

Executive Moataz Al Khayyat Focuses LBDI on Construction Industry

Qatar-based parent company Loyalty Business Development & Investments (LBDI), headed by CEO Moataz Al Khayyat, has expanded its forward thinking objectives, guiding subsidiary interior supply company Credo into the residential and commercial construction industry. - January 19, 2015

CEO Moataz Al Khayyat Plans to Open 18 Restaurants with Palma Hospitality Group – Doha, Qatar

Qatari-based Palma Hospitality Group headed by Moataz Al Khayyat announces plans to open 18 brand new restaurants over the next five years in the wake of the 2022 World Cup, whilst proactively progressing towards the Qatar National Vision of 2030. - January 09, 2015

Moataz Al Khayyat's UrbaCon Trading & Contracting Complete Renovation of the Sheraton Hotel - Doha

CEO Moataz Al Khayyat led UCC's technical and engineering staff through a record restoration project at the Middle East's first 5-star Hotel; built in 1982 the Doha Sheraton Hotel & Resort has witnessed numerous Arab conferences and GCC summits. - January 04, 2015

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