Eye Trax Eliminates Illegal Dumping Thanks to their Unique, Green-Conscience Solar Powered Cameras

With the rainforests being deforested and the hole in the ozone slowly getting bigger and bigger, it is super important to make environmentally-friendly choices in this day and age. That is why more and more companies are now using solar security cameras to monitor their work sites and prepare for... - July 16, 2015

Eye Trax Explains How General Contractors & Construction Companies Can Save Time & Money by Using Their Construction Cameras

In recent years, Eye Trax security cameras have been revolutionizing the way contractors/companies monitor their outdoor work sites, thereby reducing the number of thefts drastically. Now, Eye Trax is encouraging general contractors/construction companies to give their clients/ investors username... - April 22, 2015

Eye Trax Explains How Outdoor Construction Sites Can Use the Barrel Mounting Pole System to Their Advantage

Before Eye Trax President, Jerry McSorley, invented his flagship construction site security camera, theft on construction and other outdoor sites was a common occurrence. Now, Eye Trax is introducing customers to the advantages of their Barrel Mounting Pole System, which is ideal for use with the... - April 11, 2015

Eye Trax’s Motion Activated Solar Security Camera System with Live, Round-the-Clock Texts

Upon noticing a distinct lack of sophisticated security camera technology in the construction industry, Jerry McSorley, a native New York construction worker utilized his mechanical engineering degree and on-site work experience to create a revolutionary new product. Eye Trax is a motion activated... - March 10, 2015

Eye Trax Emphasizes the Growing Need for Cellular Security Cameras & Remote Security Monitoring on Construction Sites

In the last 10 years, the construction industry has been hit by a force that has left it with a total of $1 billion in losses. The name of that force? Theft. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 90% of all equipment that is stolen is from construction sites. That is why Eye Trax has... - January 16, 2015

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