Eye Trax Explains How General Contractors & Construction Companies Can Save Time & Money by Using Their Construction Cameras

Charlotte, NC, April 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- In recent years, Eye Trax security cameras have been revolutionizing the way contractors/companies monitor their outdoor work sites, thereby reducing the number of thefts drastically. Now, Eye Trax is encouraging general contractors/construction companies to give their clients/ investors username and password logins.

By using logins, construction contractors will increase communication and streamline business. This means less trips to the work site and less time discussing progress on the phone; this saves everyone both time and money.

Username and password security is just one of the great elements Eye Trax technology has to offer. Eye Trax construction security cameras feature solar panels, motion/thermal detection, live image request, web-based camera control, a cloud based server network, SMS alerts, and many other helpful tools.

To find out more about Eye Trax construction cameras and the importance of username/password protection, visit the Eye Trax website at http://www.eyetrax.net/ today!

About Eye Trax
Eye Trax is the leading provider of wireless construction site security cameras for the public. Eye Trax’s camera system utilizes the cellular network to transmit acquired pictures which are delivered to a customer’s cellular phone, email and custom web-based portal in 30 seconds or less. Motion detection and time activation are the trigger mechanisms for the camera system to acquire pictures throughout the day. Eye Trax cameras are powered by a solar panel or 110V plug. To learn more, visit http://www.eyetrax.net or call 800-594-4157.
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