Author on Networking, Michael Whitehouse, Launches Podcast to Help Non-Profits/Businesses Share Mission/Expertise. Podcast Guest Lisa Saunders Discusses Book Writing.

Michael Whitehouse, author of the book on business networking, “The Guy Who Knows a Guy,” has just launched “The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast” to help non-profits and entrepreneurs build their networks. His first four podcasts feature digital marketing, business writing,... - March 21, 2019

February: International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month. Teachers, Caregivers, Know Risk for CMV, Says Lisa Saunders. CDC Warns CMV Can be in Saliva of Young Child.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists cytomegalovirus (CMV) as one of four prenatal infections on its webpage, "Protect Your Unborn Baby or Newborn from Infections": Cytomegalovirus, Group B strep, Listeriosis, and Zika virus. - February 07, 2019

#1 Birth Defects Virus, CMV, Often Found in Daycare Centers; Child Care Providers and Moms with Toddlers in Group Care Should Learn CMV Prevention Says Lisa Saunders

In the U.S., 4,000 babies are born disabled by congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) annually. Pregnant moms of toddlers in daycare and child care providers/teachers are at increased risk for contracting CMV. Lisa Saunders, a licensed in-home child care provider, when pregnant, was not told of her occupational risk for CMV until after her daughter Elizabeth was born with a severely damaged brain. Women can learn CMV prevention tips at: - December 30, 2018

New Book, "First Ranger Benjamin Church: Epic Poem About King Philip's War--Church Believed in Indians, God and Rum," by Lisa Saunders

Benjamin Church, considered the first American Army Ranger, believed it would take Indians, God and rum to win King Philip’s War. Author Lisa Saunders retells Church's account of his fighting days alongside Native Americans as an epic poem. - September 20, 2018

June is National Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Awareness Month. Lisa Saunders Launches “ChildCare Providers Fighting CMV Project” to Protect Newborns from #1 Birth Defects Virus

Former child care provider creates a free online CMV prevention tool kit that includes bathroom signs, color-me-in fairytale, placemats, PowerPoint presentation, and the song, "Had I Known (About CMV)" by Debra Lynn Alt, to teach schools and families how to “share a meal, not the germs.” - June 05, 2018

June is National Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Awareness Month; New Book, "Help Childcare Providers Fight CMV" by Lisa Saunders, Educates Women About #1 Birth Defects Virus

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) disables 4,000 babies each year in the U.S. The March of Dimes states: "As many as 7 in 10 children (70 percent) between 1 and 3 years of age who go to day care may have CMV." - April 11, 2018

"After the Loss of a Spouse," Part of a Self-Improvement Series, is Presented by Authors Dr. Joanne Z. Moore and Lisa Saunders at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT

Free and open to the public. Authors Dr. Joanne Z. Moore, editor of Pathfinder: A Companion Guide to the Widow/er Journey, and Lisa Saunders, whose daughter passed away at 16, are collaborating to present "After the Loss of a Spouse," the next installment of Bank Square Books' Self-Improvement Series on August 24, 2016, in Mystic, Connecticut. - August 19, 2016

Free Downloadable School Program Kit Teaches Table Setting and Germ/CMV Prevention. "Once Upon a Placemat" Author Lisa Saunders Posts Children’s Video and Placemats.

“Once Upon a Placemat: A Table Setting Tale” author creates a free downloadable school program kit for parents and teachers to use to instruct children on table setting and germ prevention, particularly against diseases spread through saliva such cytomegalovirus (CMV). Congenital CMV is leading viral cause of birth defects according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). - March 05, 2016

Lisa Saunders Publishes "Once Upon a Placemat: A Table Setting Tale" to Stop Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Mother and daughter collaborate to teach table-setting and germ prevention through the book, “Once Upon a Placemat: A Table Setting Tale.” The illustrator designed a free placemat for downloading and coloring. A child in their family was born severely disabled by congenital CMV because the mother wasn't aware of CMV and the precautions to take. - February 14, 2016

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