The JNP Project's 2015 “Gift Giving Campaign of Inner-Awesome Superpowers” a Success

JNP is Donating Inner Awesome Self-Esteem Tools to Local 4th and 5th Graders to a National Character Maryland School of Education - January 10, 2016

The JNP Project Gets Local Sponsorship for Kids’ Benefit on #GivingTuesday Event at Metropolitan Annapolis

#GivingTuesday Charity Event, Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 5:00pm - 7:30pm, at Metropolitan Annapolis restaurant on West Street is sponsoring The JNP Project's 2015 Giving Kids' Helathy Self-Esteem tools. Five schools in Anne Arundel County's fourth grade students will be gifted tools nurturing character, courage, and confidence. 10% of proceeds go to Let's Help Kids to make wishes locally. - November 20, 2015

Middle School Girls Claim Their Superpowers Against Bullying at the JNP Project Inner-Awesome Factory

The JNP Project knows that for many kids, middle school is no picnic. Academic achievement challenges and emotional issues on top of pop culture and social media message bombardment can overwhelm 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Grasping for a sense of power, kids may become perpetrators, recipients, or bystanders of bullying, which, researchers say, is highest in middle school--The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) discovers inner-awesome superpowers to shield bullying. - November 06, 2015

The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) Works with 6th, 7th, 8th Graders Discovering Inner-Awesome Superpowers Against Bullying

JNP is working with local Bates Middle School’s Girls Breaking Boundaries--exploring ways to discover character, courage, and confidence, against bullying --ending in a Field Trip to the Inner Awesome Factory. - October 25, 2015

The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) Launches Aggressive 2015 Holiday Gift Giving Campaign for All 4th Graders in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

JNP is working to "Empower a Child for the Holidays by Giving the Gift of Self-Esteem! (Inner-Awesome Superpowers)” - With support from the local Community, JNP will gift every fourth grader in Anne Arundel County’s Public Schools - 6,147 of them. In addition, JNP’s... - October 22, 2015

October is National Bullying Prevention Month: JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Mission & Products Recognize Kids’ Inner-Awesome Superpowers

JNP is working in the Annapolis community with Bates Middle School, Girls Breaking Boundaries, focusing on two anti-bullying events and defining: What are your inner-awesome superpowers, and how do they shield you against any form of bullying. The JNP Project is focusing on bringing attention to... - October 08, 2015

Children’s Empowerment Website Redesigned to Make It Easier for Parents and Educators to Help Kids

The newly redesigned site of The JNP Project,, is live and ready for you to get empowered. The site is interactive and serves a broad audience of kids, parents, educators, and caring adults—all with information on nurturing character, courage and confidence in kids 5-12+. - October 06, 2015

Back to School: Get Kids Ready with Backpacks Full of Character, Courage and Confidence-Building Tools

Back to school, and the daily rituals of making friends, blending in, getting good grades, reacting to bullying—can be stressful for kids on many levels. The JNP Project has backpacks full of resources and tools that provide the inner awesome superpower tools that kids need to nurture character, courage, and confidence to strengthen self-esteem. - September 03, 2015

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