The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) Works with 6th, 7th, 8th Graders Discovering Inner-Awesome Superpowers Against Bullying

JNP is working with local Bates Middle School’s Girls Breaking Boundaries--exploring ways to discover character, courage, and confidence, against bullying --ending in a Field Trip to the Inner Awesome Factory.

Annapolis, MD, October 25, 2015 --( The Annapolis-based The JNP Project ( has a mission: to nurture character, courage, and confidence in children (5-12+) – October being Bullying Prevention Month, JNP has been working with Girls Breaking Boundaries at Bates Middle School in Annapolis, exploring how to discover their own inner-awesome superpowers through Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome – and that promotes no more bullying.

With a series of school visits, the bullying awareness and prevention focus will end with a class Field Trip to the JNP Inner Awesome Factory, Friday, November 6, 2015. The group will continue reading adventures, work on interactivities about the story, and a video team will be on-site to film testimonials of how the girls have grown in character, courage, and confidence, through their experiences with JNP, and tell stories of their own inner awesome discovery.

From JNP’s last visit, here are some of the comments Girls Breaking Boundaries had to say about JNP and the lessons learned:

"I learned that being yourself is your design—no one can change your mind about anything that you want to be in your life. And, being inner awesome is something in your heart that will stay there until the day you die. Thank you! for coming." 8th Grader

"What I learned is how to be truthful to not only yourself, but everybody else. What I liked is how in the book, Jane and Jake became a team." 7th grader

"I like how we read the books, and I am learning to have pride in myself." 6th grader

"I like that you get to express and be yourself. I learned that telling the truth is important." 7th grader

About The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain®)
Founded by Dona Rudderow Sturn, The JNP Project is staffed by seasoned, international professionals and guided by an accomplished Advisory Committee. The JNP Project combines original artwork and design with proven teaching methods and outstanding storytelling for girls and boys in an interactive chapter-book adventure series, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, supported by interactive amenities.
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