UpsideLMS Embarks on an Innovative Journey in Its 15th Year

UpsideLMS, the LMS arm of Upside Learning Solutions, celebrated its 14th anniversary on 7th April as it embarks on its 15th year of innovation in learn-tech solutions. - April 14, 2018

UpsideLMS Enters Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon Through an Exclusive Partnership with NCEF

New Creation Educational Foundation (NCEF) has signed an exclusive partnership with UpsideLMS to resell its Learning Management System and Mobile Training Platform in Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon. - March 15, 2018

UpsideLMS Shines on eLearning Industry's Top LMS Offering a Demo List

eLearning Industry's latest LMS list features UpsideLMS again. This time on "The Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering a Demo" list. - March 01, 2018

UpsideLMS' Latest Video Series Tackles the Most Pressing Questions in Learn-Tech

"One Question, Many Perspectives," the latest video series by UpsideLMS, provides answers to some of the most pertinent L&D questions and challenges faced by businesses worldwide. - February 22, 2018

eLearning Industry Lists UpsideLMS as One the Best LMSs Offering Free Trial

eLearning Industry's latest LMS list on "The Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering LMS Free Trials" features UpsideLMS. - February 09, 2018

UpsideLMS' Continued Growth Recognized by Fosway 2018 9-GridTM

Fosway 2018 9-GridTM for Learning Systems identifies UpsideLMS as a Potential Performer. - February 01, 2018

UpsideLMS Pays Tribute to India with a "Make In India" Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

To celebrate India's 2018 Republic Day, UpsideLMS has released a free-to-download Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for 2018 based on "Make In India" theme. - January 27, 2018

UpsideLMS Predicts L&D Trends and Forecasts in Its Latest eBook

"Learning & Development: Trends, Predictions & Resolutions for 2018," a new eBook by UpsideLMS, shares pointers for Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to enhance their workplace learning strategy for 2018. - January 25, 2018

UpsideLMS v.8.1 Now Available on Self Set Up Trial Area

UpsideLMS' latest release, version 8.1, with mobile app readiness and enhanced Admin interface, can now be accessed through its Full Access, 14-day, Self Setup, Free Trial. - January 19, 2018

UpsideLMS Urges Companies to "Change LMS" This Holiday Season

"Change" is the flavor of the season for UpsideLMS as its "Switch and Gain" offer on its Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System hits the market today. - December 07, 2017

UpsideLMS' Latest eBook Covers the Whole Nine Yards of Mobile LMS

"Mobile Learning: The LMS Perspective," a comprehensive eBook by UpsideLMS' Director, Amit Gautam, discusses the what, why, and how of a Mobile LMS. - November 17, 2017

Edmore Training & UpsideLMS Announce Reseller Partnership for UpsideLMS in Australia & New Zealand

A leading provider of online training solutions and services, Edmore Training, has signed an exclusive partnership with UpsideLMS to resell its Learning Management System in Australia and New Zealand. - November 03, 2017

Training Industry Features UpsideLMS as a 2017 Learning Portal Watch List Company

The recently released 2017 Top Learning Portal Companies Watch List by Training Industry features UpsideLMS as one of the leading LMS companies worldwide. - October 25, 2017

Amit Gautam Contributes to a mLearning Industry Paper by the eLearning Guild

UpsideLMS' Director, Amit Gautam, draws upon his 16+ years of experience in the eLearning industry and shares insights on mLearning in a recent industry paper by The eLearning Guild. - October 19, 2017

UpsideLMS' Latest Presentation Sheds Light on the State of Mobile Learning in the Workplace

Mobile Learning in the workplace has been evolving, and continues to evolve, over the years. UpsideLMS captures this mLearning growth in a corporate setting, backed by research insights, into a presentation. - October 05, 2017

UpsideLMS 8.0 Enables Offline Mobile Learning

UpsideLMS' latest version, 8.0, introduces a new feature for Offline Mobile Learning, which enables learners to access training - anytime, anywhere, on iOS and Android mobile devices, with or without Internet. - September 29, 2017

UpsideLMS' Latest Release, 7.6.2, is Out

UpsideLMS has released its latest version, 7.6.2, which comes equipped with a range of admin- and learner-centric features and functionalities. - August 24, 2017

ISS Caters to the Individual L&D Needs of Its Geographically Dispersed Offices with UpsideLMS

UpsideLMS enables the global provider of facility services, ISS, to centralize and standardize training across its global offices while catering to the individual L&D needs of each country. - August 19, 2017

UpsideLMS Joins Hands with Cegos Group to Distribute Its eLearning Solutions Worldwide

The best of Off-The-Shelf eLearning solutions is now available worldwide as Cegos, a world leader in training and development, partners with UpsideLMS for distribution of its e-learning modules. - July 21, 2017

Learning Tech-Enabler, UpsideLMS, Adds a Human Touch to Father's Day

UpsideLMS celebrates Father's Day 2017 by running a social media campaign showcasing its heroes - all fathers in the UpsideLMS team - and their children. - June 21, 2017

LMS for Employee Skills Management: UpsideLMS Tells "How" in Its Latest eBook

UpsideLMS' new eBook released today is a comprehensive guide to managing Continuing Professional Development and Compliance Training of employees with an LMS. - May 12, 2017

UpsideLMS Adds Off-the-shelf Courses to Its Solutions Portfolio

UpsideLMS has partnered with leading providers of catalogue content, Cegos and Yoda Learning, to bring off-the-shelf courses to India. - May 06, 2017

OnTech Solutions and UpsideLMS Team Up in a Strategic Partnership

OnTech Solutions, a company based in Panama, enters into a reseller partnership with UpsideLMS to bring the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System to the markets of Latin America and the Caribbean. - May 04, 2017

Future First Partners with UpsideLMS to Bring the Best Value SaaS LMS to Sweden and EU

Future First and UpsideLMS announce a strategic partnership for UpsideLMS, the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System. - April 28, 2017

UpsideLMS' Pay as You Go Pricing Promises Greater Flexibility for Training Companies and SMBs

UpsideLMS has introduced a new pricing plan - "Pay As You Go" - for its key target segment of SMBs and Training Companies, which empowers them to have more flexibility in their monthly pricing as per the "active users" per month. - April 07, 2017

UpsideLMS' New Release a Great Step Forward for Learners and Admins; Features Compliance Training and CPD

UpsideLMS' latest release, v7.5, offers a win-win situation for Learners and Administrators with its Compliance Training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules. - March 31, 2017

Red Scout Makes Its Website a One-Stop-"Training"-Shop with UpsideLMS' APIs

UpsideLMS enables Red Scout to exhibit courses and training programs on its website through various APIs. - March 02, 2017

LMS Industry on a Decline? UpsideLMS Answers.

In light of the recent brouhaha in the L&D circuit about the LMS being on its way out, UpsideLMS puts all questions and speculations to rest. - February 23, 2017

Become the "Rock Star" of Your Business; UpsideLMS Tells Training Companies

UpsideLMS' latest presentation presents 5 ways in which Training Companies can overcome the common challenges and have a 'rocking' business. - February 02, 2017

Yellow Room Learning Uses Multi-Tenancy UpsideLMS to Deliver Training Worldwide

A leading provider of Security Awareness training based in the UK, Yellow Room Learning, delivers training worldwide through UpsideLMS. - December 29, 2016

UpsideLMS Clocks in Its 12th Brandon Hall Award with a Bronze

The 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology have announced UpsideLMS as the winner of Bronze for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for SMBs. - December 21, 2016

"Ensuring LMS Success" - Webinar Recording Out for Viewing

The webinar recording of UpsideLMS' recently conducted, highly successful webinar, "Ensuring LMS Success - From Onboarding to Support," is available for viewing. - December 08, 2016

UpsideLMS' Releases from v7.0 to v7.3 Tell a Story of Growth

Innovative features, improved workflows, enhanced interfaces and helpful functionalities are a common thread in UpsideLMS' version releases. - November 26, 2016

UpsideLMS' API and Integration Library Continue to Grow Strong

UpsideLMS offers a comprehensive library of APIs, Scheduled Data Synchronization and Integrations, including ready integration with and Single Sign On (SSO). - November 24, 2016

UpsideLMS Brings in Enhanced User Experience with Its Latest Release

UpsideLMS adds more advanced tools for Classroom Training, and enhanced user experience for Learners and Administrators. - November 19, 2016

UpsideLMS' Client Relationship Leaders Spill the Beans on "Ensuring LMS Success"

"Ensuring LMS Success - From Onboarding to Support," a webinar by UpsideLMS' Client Relationship Leaders to be held live on 22nd and 29th November, will reveal the secret to LMS success. - November 12, 2016

UpsideLMS Brings Focused News and Insights on Learning Management with "UpsideLMS Connect"

"UpsideLMS Connect," a bimonthly newsletter from UpsideLMS focusing on Learning Management, is launched. - November 05, 2016

The Upside Learning Blog Branches Out; An LMS-Focused Blog Called 'UpsideLMS Blog' Launched

UpsideLMS Blog, a blog focused on all things LMS, has been launched. - October 29, 2016

UpsideLMS' New Brand Identity Echoes Its Brand Promise of "Continuous Growth and Innovation"

UpsideLMS unveils a new brand identity that encompasses a logo change, new website, new blog and a bimonthly newsletter. - October 29, 2016

Safestore Delivers Consistent Training Across 100 + Stores in the UK with UpsideLMS

UK’s largest and Europe’s second largest provider of self storage solutions, Safestore, trusts UpsideLMS to deliver consistent training to its new recruits and existing employees. - October 20, 2016

UpsideLMS Makes It to the 2016 Learning Portal Companies Watch List; 6th Time in a Row's recently announced Learning Portal Companies Watch List for 2016 features UpsideLMS, making it the 6th consecutive listing for this Best Value, SaaS LMS. - August 25, 2016

Amit Garg Analyses Brandon Hall's Latest Report on eLearning Outsourcing in an Upcoming Webinar

"The Buyer-Provide Partnership-The Key to High-Quality Custom Content," a webinar based on Brandon Hall's latest report on eLearning Outsourcing will be presented by Amit Garg on 27th and 28th July. - July 22, 2016

ISS' APAC LMS, Powered by UpsideLMS, Wins an Award for Top Innovation at ISS Top Management Conference (TMC) 2016

UpsideLMS, as a part of ISS' LMS implementation for APAC, has emerged as a winner at the ISS Top Management Conference (TMC) 2016 held in Orlando, Florida. - July 15, 2016

Brandon Hall Group Releases New Report on eLearning Outsourcing

Brandon Hall Group released its latest report, "The Buyer-Provider Partnership: The Key to High-Quality Custom Content." - July 09, 2016

UpsideLMS Enables Companies to Kickstart LMS-Based Training Quickly and Easily

With a view to making the process of decision-making and implementation of an LMS easier and faster, UpsideLMS has released a special pricing of USD 999/a with a committed go live of less than 48 hours. - June 10, 2016

UpsideLMS Helps SMBs to Select the Right LMS with Its Latest eBook

"LMS Selection Guide for SMBs", an eBook by UpsideLMS, goes the whole nine yards in helping an SMB to understand the real need and benefits of an LMS and buying it. - May 27, 2016

Upside Learning Listed in Training Industry Inc.'s Content Development Watch List for the Third Time in Succession

For the third time in a row, Upside Learning has been listed in Training Industry's Content Development Watch List. - May 22, 2016

UpsideLMS' Latest Version Makes Intelligent Reporting and User Hierarchy Management Possible

The latest version of UpsideLMS, the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management, comes with an embedded Business Intelligence tool, configurable organisation hierarchy, and a range of exciting features that make the management of learning/ training easier and better for Training Companies, SMBs and Enterprises. - April 15, 2016

Upside Learning Featured in Training Industry's Training Outsourcing Watch List for the Second Consecutive Year

For the 2nd year in a row, Upside Learning has been listed in Training Industry's Training Outsourcing Watch List. - April 13, 2016

Amit Garg to Share Insights on "Engaging Multi-Device eLearning" at the Learning and Skills Group Webinar

Amit Garg, Director of Custom Learning Solutions & Co-founder of Upside Learning, will discuss all about the designing and development of engaging eLearning for today’s multi-device world at the Learning and Skills Group webinar on 25th February. - February 19, 2016

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