Real Estate Trends in Inventory, Mortgage Loans, and Property Appreciation Values

Mark Antonowsky, realtor and “Voice of Reason” visits with Kurt Schemers to discuss the latest trends in real estate, local and nationally. Find out which price points for buyers offer the better deals locally. Additionally, who qualifies for home loans and who will need to step up to... - November 27, 2017

Traders Nation - Results Through Relationships: Building Trust, Performance, and Profit Through People

Joe Takash visits with Kurt Schemers and discusses Results Through Relationships and how professionals can establish break-through relationships with new prospects and their existing networks, including colleagues, bosses, customers, clients, vendors, and others. Further Takash says, "Many... - September 23, 2017

Traders Nation™ Announces an Original Broadcast Interview with Ali Allawi

Traders Nation is pleased to announce that Kurt Schemers interviews former minister of defense and minister of finance in Iraq's postwar governments, Ali Allawi Allawi. Allawi offers his version of the causes and consequences of the decline of Islamic civilization and proposals for its rejuvenation. - January 28, 2016

Traders Nation Airs: Carey Hart – Inked: Personal Stories of First Tattoos, Design Inspirations, and the Process

Kurt Schemers with Carey Hart a freestyle motocross champ, a heavily tattooed celebrity, whose studio, Hart & Huntington Tattoo in Las Vegas, was featured on A&E's hit reality series Inked. Hear “personal stories of first tattoos, design inspirations, the process, and the joys and... - January 17, 2016

Traders Nation Airs: The Last Lecture

Kurt Schemers with contributing author Jeffrey Zaslow discusses Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon and co-author of “The Last Lecture.” (Archived 2008) “When Randy was asked to give such a lecture, he didn't have to imagine it as his last, since he had... - January 15, 2016

Traders Nation Airs: Global Financial Warriors - The Untold Story of International Finance in the Post-9/11 World

Kurt Schemers with Former Treasury Under Secretary John B. Taylor. Taylor was sworn in as head of the U.S. Treasury Department's international finance division just three months prior to 9/11, and he soon found himself at the center of the war on terror. Schemers and Taylor take you inside the... - January 14, 2016

Traders Nation Airs: Classic and Renegade Strategies - Day Trading for Dummies

Kurt Schemers with Ann C. Logue discusses “classic and renegade strategies to the nitty-gritty of daily trading practices. She gives insight the knowledge and confidence you'll need to keep a cool head, manage risk, and make decisions instantly as you buy and sell your... - January 13, 2016

Jennifer Remling on Traders Nation™ - “Carve Your Own Road: Do What You Love and Live the Life You Envision”

Jennifer Remling outlines with Kurt Schemers that “there is an epidemic facing our world today. People everywhere, even those who are successful by most standards, are utterly disconnected from what they really want out of life. We've abandoned our true passions and dreams in exchange for a... - December 23, 2015

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