Traders Nation™ Announces an Original Broadcast Interview with Ali Allawi

Phoenix, AZ, January 28, 2016 --( Traders Nation is pleased to announce that Kurt Schemers interviews former minister of defense and minister of finance in Iraq's postwar governments, Ali Allawi Allawi. Allawi offers his version of the causes and consequences of the decline of Islamic civilization and proposals for its rejuvenation. Watch it here:

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The original Traders Nation™, a sought after industry leader since 2001 is an powerful hybrid of market news, stock movers, and national guests that discuss topics that’s not only critical to the financial markets, but geo-political events that effect how the markets move. Viewers also enjoy an astonishing mix of lifestyle topics that balance life’s gyroscope on personal and professional levels. Traders Nation’s fast-paced segments offer viewer enhanced buckets of information leaving the audience feeling completely informed with each episode.

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Kurt Schemers founder, creator, and host of Traders Nation™ and Market Flash™ have achieved phenomenal success since launching in 2001. Schemers, a seasoned anchor and host who visited with nationally-recognized guests like country-icon Willie Nelson, billionaires Steve Forbes & Ken Fisher, best-selling author and A&E star Larry Winget, Former Treasury Under Secretary John B. Taylor, Congressman Mickey Edwards, and Former Iraqi Minister of Defense and Finance Ali A. Allawi.

Schemers has over 17 years experience in the US financial markets, has completed over 1,000 interviews, and is an avid and insightful purveyor of current events, lifestyle, personal & professional betterment, financial news and market commentary.

Schemers started his on-air career in Phoenix, Arizona on 1190 AM, a NBC affiliate station, and then dramatically moved onto the national arena with his syndicated radio and cable television shows.

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