Detail Kommander Achieves 3 Consecutive Years of 100 Percent Payment and Collection Rate for Law Enforcement Off Duty Details

Detail Kommander ( achieves 3 consecutive years of 100 percent payment and collection rate for Off Duty Details, the only complete solution for law enforcement Off Duty Detail management. - August 10, 2018

Law Enforcement Meets Fintech! How Detail Kommander is Revolutionizing the Way Law Enforcement Manages Their Off Duty Detail Process with Financial Technology.

Detail Kommander, the premier Off Duty Detail software system for public safety, adds eCheck (ACH) payments to their electronic payment platform, allowing law enforcement agencies to accept multiple forms of electronic payment from businesses to pay for off duty officers, equipment and cost recovery fees. - January 12, 2017

Detail Kommander Adds Officer Ratings to Off Duty Detail Management System

Detail Kommander adds Officer Ratings to their revolutionary Law Enforcement Extra Duty management system. - March 02, 2016

Kommander Software Announces the Launch of Detail Kommanderâ„¢, Off-Duty Detail Mgt System

Kommander Software today announced the launch of Detail Kommander™ (, the revolutionary Off-Duty Detail management software that allows agencies to completely manage their off-duty detail program and finally get out of the manual scheduling, billing and collection... - January 20, 2016

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