Law Enforcement Meets Fintech! How Detail Kommander is Revolutionizing the Way Law Enforcement Manages Their Off Duty Detail Process with Financial Technology.

Detail Kommander, the premier Off Duty Detail software system for public safety, adds eCheck (ACH) payments to their electronic payment platform, allowing law enforcement agencies to accept multiple forms of electronic payment from businesses to pay for off duty officers, equipment and cost recovery fees.

Orlando, FL, January 12, 2017 --( Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have the responsibility of managing requests from local businesses to hire their police officers for off duty jobs, and they’ve been managing the process in a very manual way for as long as anyone can remember. Kommander Software, a young, innovative software company founded by a former law enforcement Chief, finally has a dedicated, 21st century solution to the problem.

Their flagship software product, Detail Kommander, allows law enforcement and public safety agencies to completely manage their off duty detail (secondary employment) program more efficiently than ever before. Today, they announced the addition of eCheck (ACH) payments to their electronic payment platform, allowing agencies to accept multiple forms of electronic payment from businesses to pay for off duty officers.

“Detail Kommander saves us a ton of time. Their electronic payment platform virtually eliminated the time we spend billing and collecting money for off duty details.” -Captain David Duff, DCPD

Law Enforcement meets FinTech! Using innovative financial software engineering, Detail Kommander developed KommanderPay, a fast, efficient and secure electronic payment platform that streamlines the payment process for agencies, officers and businesses hiring off-duty law enforcement personnel. Public safety agencies can finally get out of the billing and collection business, and officers no longer have to collect a manual payment from the businesses themselves.

“Detail Kommander is the first ever 21st century solution to the old school process of Off Duty Detail management. Now, with the addition of eCheck payments, agencies can offer their business community the only complete electronic payment platform available for off duty (extra duty) details. Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are using Detail Kommander to improve the way their off duty details are managed, and the addition of eCheck payments ensures our solution remains in a class of it’s own,” said Bill Kicklighter, CEO, from the Florida Police Chiefs winter conference in Orlando, Florida. “As more law enforcement agencies look to automate, streamline and add fairness and accountability to their secondary employment program, the demand for Detail Kommander continues to grow.”

Some software companies want agencies to believe that managing the Off Duty Detail process is simply a scheduling function, but to achieve real efficiency, you need a solution that goes way beyond just the task of scheduling. Agencies need a complete detail management solution, and Detail Kommander provides it.

Public safety agencies and security organizations responsible for providing security details for professional and collegiate sporting events, concerts, festivals and more, now have a complete electronic solution that streamlines the process for the agency, officers and the businesses like never before.

“We are honored to work with law enforcement, fire, EMS and security agencies and are very excited about the tremendous response to Detail Kommander,” said Bill Kicklighter. “We are humbled by the support of public safety and proud to provide them with innovative technology that saves their organizations significant time and money.”

Detail Kommander is an outstanding solution for any size agency, large or small, and it’s more budget friendly than any other off duty management system available. Contact Kommander Software for more information and for a free, no obligation demo to see how Detail Kommander can help your agency.

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