EurAupair Announces Four Cultural Meeting Ideas for Community Counselors and Their Au Pairs

EurAupair has announced four ideas community counselors and their au pairs can use for their cultural meetings this fall. EurAupair, a non-profit cultural exchange sponsor, has announced four ways community counselors have helped expand their au pairs cultural understanding of America through volunteering efforts, cultural museums, local seasonal attractions, and the all-American road trip. - November 20, 2016

EurAupair Has Announced That Their Annual Staff Conference Will Begin on October 7th, 2016

USA au pair agency, EurAupair, has announced that their annual staff meeting will be conducted in the middle of October this year and will include participation of overseas partners as well. The staff conference will be held between October 7th, through to October 16th. The main goal of the annual... - September 11, 2016

EurAupair, an Au Pair Agency in USA, Announced That the EurAupair 2016 Annual Regional Meeting Was Held in Miami, Florida

EurAupair, an au pair agency in USA, held their annual regional meeting in Miami, Florida this year. Learn more about this event & their au pair services! - August 10, 2016

EurAupair Announces More Opportunities for U.S. Community Counselors and Au Pairs to Expand Their Cultural Knowledge

EurAupair is pleased to announce a few more ways for U.S community counselors and au pairs to expand their cultural understanding through exciting cultural meetings. A United States designated cultural exchange program sponsor, EurAupair, is pleased to announce more opportunities for their... - May 19, 2016

EurAupair Announces Important Information for Families Who Wish to Host an Au Pair in America

Want to host an au pair in America? EurAupair outlines 7 facts & important information about their au pairs that every host family should know. Learn more now! - April 17, 2016

EurAupair Announces Winner of the 2016 Au Pair Awards, Elise Ducamfrom France

EurAupair, an official United States government designated exchange visitor program sponsor, announces the winner of 2016's Au Pair of the Year - Elise Ducam of France. - February 28, 2016

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