What WannaCry Ransomware Means for the Future of Business IT, and What Cibecs Says You Should be Doing About It

On Friday, the world experienced one of the most devastating, quick-moving and well-coordinated Ransomware attacks we’ve seen so far. Known as WannaCrypt, dubbed as WannaCry, the attack caused mayhem from Russia to Canada, affecting multiple well-known institutions including Britain’s... - June 07, 2017

Complete Endpoint Data Protection with Cibecs Version 8

Cibecs Version 8 combines endpoint data backup with data loss prevention to provide IT with complete and seamless endpoint data protection. - June 05, 2017

The 2014 Business Data Loss Survey: Over 50% of Companies Have Lost Data in the Last 12 Months

IDG Connect and Cibecs, industry leader in endpoint data protection, have released the 2014 Data Loss Survey Results, uncovering the developments and challenges around business data management and endpoint data protection. - May 22, 2014

Cibecs and IDG Launch the 2012 Business Data Loss Survey

Cibecs and IDG Launch the 2012 Business Data Loss Survey

Every year Cibecs runs the Business Data Loss Survey, uncovering the major IT challenges around data protection, and providing industry insight. This year, Cibecs is partnering with IDG to launch the 2012 Business Data Loss Survey. - April 17, 2012

New App Gives Business IT Endpoint Data Insight

Cibecs, leading endpoint data backup software vendors, have released their new Data Risk Assessment App - allowing organizations real insight into their endpoint data environment. - November 02, 2011

The 2011 Business Data Loss Survey Uncovers the Endpoint Imperative

The 2011 Business Data Loss Survey Uncovers the Endpoint Imperative

The 2011 Business Data Loss Survey, sponsored by Cibecs, has been released- uncovering the major IT challenges when it comes to protecting endpoint data and furthering our understanding of where data loss vulnerability and risk in enterprises lie. In 2011 over 50% of the 250 companies surveyed... - September 22, 2011

The 2011 Endpoint Data Loss Survey

How much of a threat is data loss to your enterprise? Where should your organization be placing their focus, and budget, in order to prevent costly data loss disasters? Take the Cibecs 2011 Endpoint data loss survey to find out. - July 07, 2011

Cibecs Endpoint Data Backup Shakes Up GovTech

South African data backup software company, Cibecs, shook up the annual GovTech event by getting an official to smash his laptop. Luckily, they backed up his data first. According to a recent Ponemon Institute report commissioned by Intel, the average cost of a lost or stolen laptop is $50,000,... - July 02, 2011

Cibecs 4.0: Increase Your Data Protection Rating by 40%

Cibecs 4.0 - enhance simplicity and speed of execution, improve data protection. - May 23, 2011

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