Cibecs Endpoint Data Backup Shakes Up GovTech

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 02, 2011 --( South African data backup software company, Cibecs, shook up the annual GovTech event by getting an official to smash his laptop. Luckily, they backed up his data first.

According to a recent Ponemon Institute report commissioned by Intel, the average cost of a lost or stolen laptop is $50,000, emphasizing the increasing value of endpoint data and the growing importance of effective enterprise laptop & desktop data protection.

Cibecs marketing manager Brandon Faber says: “Gartner predicts that data flow into businesses and enterprises will grow by 650% over the next five years. Add to that the ever increasing mobility of vast amounts of data by way of much improved laptop storage, and companies have a potential disaster on their hands should smart data management not be the order of the day.”

IT has often struggled to protect its road warriors, an issue that is intensified due to more users demanding mobile support and numerous companies adopting laptops as their primary system. New research by IDG conducted via LinkedIn reports that 59% of respondents rate backup and protection of laptop and desktop data as a crucial or high priority.

This transition of focus from the traditional centralized approach toward endpoint protection, from the outside-inwards, has introduced new requirements. Solutions need to cater specifically to enterprise endpoint data backup and the business challenges associated with protecting user data.

The IDG report identified some of these requirements citing improved corporate governance compliance, automation of data backups, no user interruption (transparency) and the ability to quickly find endpoint data for discovery as most important features & benefits.

As technologies simplify mobility and the number of mobile workers increases, the importance of effective endpoint data protection built from-the-ground-up is going to intensify for all organizations, and IT will need to understand what the vital requirements of such a solution are.

9 Requirements for an Effective End User Data Continuity Solution

· No user interruption
· Full control and central management
· Simple and reliable data recovery
· Faster data migration & hardware refresh
· Reduced need for end-user support
· Minimal bandwidth utilization
· Smarter storage
· Operational value
· Preventing access to confidential data

Cibecs laptop-smash at Govtech illustrated not only the value of the data on business laptops – but also brought to light the importance of having your business endpoint data backed up and easily recoverable. Faber commented that “with Cibecs, organizations employing endpoint data continuity can look forward to complete control over their business critical data (and therefore the lifeblood of their companies) while enjoying key business benefits.”

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, Cibecs is the simplest way to ensure end-user data continuity.

For more information on Cibecs endpoint data protection software visit the Cibecs website

Marketing Manager: Brandon Faber
+2711 791 0073