First ‘Citizen Therapy’ Social Network, Big White Wall, Tackles Global Mental Health

Big White Wall introduces 'citizen therapy' - peer-to-peer support in a completely anonymous and safe environment - helping users improve their emotional health one brick at a time. - April 23, 2008

Big White Wall – How the Internet Can be a Lifeline

The recent multiple suicides in Bridgend in the UK has highlighted concerns about the potential for certain websites to facilitate or encourage suicide. But one site is dedicated to the prevention of self harm and emotional desperation and has reinvented traditional support systems for the online generation: Big White Wall. - January 31, 2008

Put the Spirit Back Into Valentine’s – Send an Anonymous Message for Free

Mysterious messages from anonymous admirers are a thing of the past as restaurants and retailers put the pressure on couples to show their love with finance, not romance. Big White Wall, the emotional health specialists, are campaigning to bring back the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. - January 11, 2008

Christmas Duty Threatens Your Emotional Health

A survey by online emotional health specialist Big White Wall, reveals that 60 per cent of people send Christmas cards out of duty rather than real care. - December 10, 2007

Big White Wall Announces the Launch of the Award for Psychological Insight

With online social networks exploding, Big White Wall asks why do we need to network with the launch of an award for Psychological Insight - November 21, 2007

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