Easy-Forex See the Euro Remains Under Pressure as Greece’s Problems Resume

Easy-Forex dealing room noted that the euro recovered some of its losses during yesterday’s US session after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union reached an agreement on Greece. Easy-Forex head dealer, Nicolas Shamtanis noted that fears of a Greek default eased after the IMF appeared willing to offer further financial aid to Greece as long as the new austerity plan is approved. - June 18, 2011

Easy-Forex Put Leading IMF Candidates Under the Microscope

Following the very public arrest on charges of rape, and subsequent resignation of IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn as reported by CNN 19 May, Easy-Forex takes a look at a number of leading candidates have emerged and the currency markets are weighing up the possible repercussions of each potential appointment. - June 17, 2011

Easy Forex Puts Perspective Under Fears of Greece’s Future

The euro plummeted yesterday as fears over Greece’s debt crisis intensified. The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, offered to step down and proposed a unity government while protests in Athens against austerity measures continue. Easy Forex report that against the dollar, the euro shed 2.4% breaking below the 1.4100 level to trade as low as 1.4090 from 1.4438. - June 17, 2011

Easy-Forex.com Puts Comment on Euro-Zone Greece Debate

Easy-Forex.com recently reported on the debt crisis in Greece putting pressure on the Euro. This is back in the spotlight after the S&P downgraded the country three levels to CCC, the world's lowest credit rating. Now EU financial leaders are debating whether to delay the next rescue payment. Bloomberg reported that major banks including BNP Paribas, Societe Generale SA and Credit Agricole SA may have their credit ratings cut by Moody's Investors Services because of their investments in Greece. - June 17, 2011

Easy-Forex Expands European Activities with New Office Branches in London and Warsaw

On the back of the release of its new trading platforms, easy-forex expands its European activities with the opening of two new branch offices in London and in Warsaw. - May 12, 2010

Easy-Forex® Now Offers One-Click Trading

Easy-Forex® clients are now able to place trades with just one click. The new feature on the Visual Trading Machine™ allows traders to make quick executions during volatile markets and news events. “Over the past few months our R&D and product teams continue to add value... - August 15, 2009

Easy-Forex® Expands Its Forex News Center

Easy-Forex has expanded its Forex news center and now offers video on demand, live streaming video as well as text reports covering Forex news from different regions of the world. "Easy-Forex is well known for its commitment to innovation. Our new Forex news center is a testament to that... - May 19, 2009

New Chief Market Analyst at Easy-Forex™

Easy-Forex announces the addition of Michael J. Malpede to its market analyst division. Mr. Malpede will be based in the Chicago office of Easy-Forex. - December 09, 2008

Easy-Forex™ Opens in London

Easy-Forex has established an office in London, just months after launching its new forex trading platform, the Visual Trading Machine™. - December 09, 2008

Easy-Forex Voted ‘Best Dealing Room’

Easy-Forex was voted ‘Best Dealing Room’ by participants at this year’s prestigious Middle East Money Summit. - November 11, 2008

Easy-Forex Wins Leading Australian Financial Magazine Preferred Platform Award

Easy-Forex’s new trading platform was chosen by Australia’s leading financial magazine as the preferred platform for the year 2008. - September 24, 2008

60,000 New Registrations in One Month on New Easy-Forex™ Visual Trading Platform

More than 60,000 new users have registered on the new Easy-Forex™ foreign currency trading platform which launched globally on 7 July 2008. - August 05, 2008

Easy-Forex™ Brings New Benefits to the Forex Marketplace

Just weeks after the global launch of their newly designed platform, Easy-forex™ brings additional benefits to the marketplace. - July 26, 2008

Easy-Forex Ranks Number One Forex Site on Alexa.com

Alexa.com ranks Easy-Forex as the most popular Forex site in the world and lists it significantly higher than all other currency trading related sites. As well as listing Easy-Forex as the number one Forex site, Alexa also ranks it as number one of Futures and Commodities sites. Furthermore,... - April 18, 2008

Money Managers Are Reconsidering Their Positions

Money managers that use the profitable but risky strategy of borrowing low yielding currencies such as JPY and investing in to higher yielding currencies are reconsidering their positions as the current US economic conditions send ripples across the globe. “These are very interesting times... - November 22, 2007

Easy-Forex Invites Participants of the 2nd ME Forex Expo to Booth 14-17 for a Chance to Win Cash

Easy Forex is pleased to announce its participation in the 2nd Middle East Forex Trading Expo in Abu Dhabi on November 27-28, 2007 and invites all participants to come to booth 14-17 for a chance to win a glass globe filled with currency from around the world. “The contest is simple to play... - November 22, 2007

Easy-Forex Diamond Sponsor of ME FX Expo

Easy-Forex is pleased to announce its Diamond sponsorship of the 2nd Middle East Forex Expo held at the Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers located in Abu Dhabi U. A. E. - November 20, 2007

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