Headsets Plus Announces the Release of New Touch Screen Telephone Headset Technology from Jabra

The new touch screen technology for telephone headsets is revolutionary. Headsets Plus reports that the enhanced ergonomic features that a touch screen can provide far exceeds consumer expectations. Three models in particular shine when it comes to the touch screen experience: the Jabra 9460, 9470, and Motion Office. Read More. - November 08, 2016

Professional vs Consumer Grade Headsets and the Headsets Helpline at Headsets Plus

Until now, there hasn't been one central place for information about headset compatibility for both Professional Grade and Consumer Grade Headsets. The Headsets Plus website, www.headsetsplus.com offers consumers the Headsets Helpline to answer all the quality and compatibility questions they may have about any headset, from anywhere. - November 08, 2016

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