My Personal Assistant Errand Service Serves North Bay Area

My Personal Assistant Errand Service has expanded its reach to include Mill Valley, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Fairfax and surrounding areas. - February 19, 2013

My Personal Assistant Errand/Courier Service Celebrates Their Second Year in Business

My Personal Assistant Errand Service Celebrates Their Second Anniversary. During these tough economical times, My Personal Assistant has a lot to be proud of as they celebrate their second year in business. By finding a niche in the service industry, My Personal Assistant has fulfilled a need in the business community. - February 17, 2009

Local Errand Service- My Personal Assistant- Helps Other Businesses Succeed

With the current state of the economy, businesses need to focus on being more efficient. My Personal Assistant Errand Service is a local small business that is designed to aide other businesses by running day to day tasks, making more time for business owners to use their time more effectively. My Personal Assistant now offers business membership membership discounts, making it even more cost effective to outsource tasks and errands. - September 12, 2008

Mom Has Evolved, Why Haven't Her Mothers Day Gifts?

It's the 21st century now and moms have evolved leaps and bounds, but why is she still getting flowers, chocolates, and I Heart Mom T-shirts? In the fast paced world of today, moms need and want something different for Mothers Day and the gift of time just may be it. - April 29, 2008

Local Errand Service is "Going Green" for the New Year

Local Errand Service, My Personal Assistant, made a resolution in 2008 to "Go Green." By using hybrid and fuel economical vehicles for errand running, implementing recycled paper for marketing materials, and emailing sales receipts and invoices to save paper, My Personal Assistant is doing what they can to improve the environment. - February 27, 2008

Errand Services Are Very Helpful This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and if you are strapped for time, My Personal Assistant Errand Service can be your little helper. From shopping for gifts, to picking up your dry cleaning, My Personal Assistant does the necessary tasks that take up valuable time in your day. - November 27, 2007

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