Mom Has Evolved, Why Haven't Her Mothers Day Gifts?

It's the 21st century now and moms have evolved leaps and bounds, but why is she still getting flowers, chocolates, and I Heart Mom T-shirts? In the fast paced world of today, moms need and want something different for Mothers Day and the gift of time just may be it.

Yuba City, CA, April 29, 2008 --( Mothers Day is approaching and the age old question arises again. What does Mom really want? Although flowers, chocolates, and I heart mom t-shirts are much appreciated by any loving mom, is it what she really needs? Times are changing and Mothers Day gifts should be something that mom really needs but maybe just doesn’t want to admit.

“The one thing that I know any mother would want over chocolates, is more time”, CEO/Owner of My Personal Assistant Errand Service, Yuba City, CA. Between picking up the kids, grocery shopping, dropping off dry-cleaning, and having a career, moms really do need more hours in their day.”

Having someone to run the errands for them would be a gift from above for most busy women today. The fact of the matter is; most families do not know that extremely affordable help is available and easier than ever to get. A full time personal assistant may cost thousands of dollars a month, but an Errand Service can be called on a day to day basis to help out, for dollars a month.

"It’s amazing how a few little errands add up to so much lost time," said Joan Marshall, Professional Mom, and a My Personal Assistant client. "I was delighted to find out that I can hire an Errand Service to help me out with a few things every now and then. It’s nice to know that I can call or even email someone my grocery list, and everything I needed for dinner that night is already at my house.”

It’s the 21st century now and Mothers Day gifts should evolve with the times just as Mom does. In such as fast paced world, everyone deserves a break and what better than the gift of time.

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