TriMark Press Author Isabella Watson Joins Forces with TV Cooking Personality Nancy Fuller to Debut "Cooking Rules!"

Following the success of 2016’s Fashion Rules!, 15-year-old Isabella and TriMark Press are back to continue the journey of Elizabeth Phillips. This time, Isabella taps into her culinary passion for Cooking Rules! In this new adventure, Elizabeth is back with a fresh challenge: competing in... - April 05, 2019

Trimark Press and Beanie Hazelton Team Up to Showcase a Parent’s Journey Through Little League Baseball

Trimark Press and Beanie Hazelton have teamed up for a brand new book that displays all it is to be a little league parent. When you’re a parent, you often hear about how fast it goes. You’re told to appreciate it and hold tight to every moment. Beanie Hazelton listened to that advice... - February 21, 2019

Haley Marguerite and Trimark Press Team Up Again to Send Charlie on a New Adventure

Most kids go through different stages when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But not Haley Marguerite. She’s been thinking of writing her own book since she was 12, when she first dreamed up Charlie. Her dream came true in 2016 when she teamed up with Trimark Press... - January 04, 2019

Trimark Press Releases "The Lion's Gate," a Captivating New Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

TriMark Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of "The Lion’s Gate," the first novel in a three-part Time Master series by author Chris Reynolds. According to publisher Barry Chesler, “'The Lion’s Gate' is an international fast paced mystery/thriller that... - December 08, 2018

TriMark Press Releases Relationships: The Grass is Always Greener with First Time Author Dr. Marilyn Cohen

TriMark Press has teamed up with experienced clinical psychologist, Marilyn Cohen, to release a well researched and thorough book on Relationships, especially poignant for the middle-aged. - July 21, 2018

Trimark Celebrates Plantation Man's 100th Birthday with Memoir

Trimark Press is pleased to celebrate a new release. Plantation resident, Leo Fishman, will celebrate his 100 birthday on February 11th at Fifteenth Street Fisheries in Fort Lauderdale. The book is a look back at a remarkable life. - February 03, 2018

Trimark Press Releases New Book Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Trimark Press has released a new book about Martin Luther King Jr. Follow along as Lisa and her grandmother tour the memorial and learn about MLK's motivations and impact. - February 02, 2018

Brazilian Professor Offers Case for Trump Reelection, Improving Education

Trimark Press is releasing a new book this month titled "The Inevitable Re-Election of Donald Trump." A thoughtful and well-researched look into Donald Trump's campaign promises, with an emphasis on the educational system. - January 18, 2018

New Book Teaches Critical Skills for Successful Managers

"The Importance of Soft Skills for the Global Manager" is a new book by Trimark Press geared towards global companies. It shows the huge impact soft skills can have on a business, and how to utilize them to achieve sustainable growth. - December 30, 2017

Kevin Moreau's "The Invitation to Your Life" is a Nourishing Read

Insightful book creates a clear road map for those who need to shake off the monotony and make a life change. - September 02, 2017

TriMark Press Introduces New Book - Matters of the Heart: a Guide to Living and Loving Your Teen Years

Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years is a positive, uplifting, and empowering journey of self-discovery for every teen girl. - March 02, 2008

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