TriMark Press Author Isabella Watson Joins Forces with TV Cooking Personality Nancy Fuller to Debut "Cooking Rules!"

Deerfield Beach, FL, April 05, 2019 --( Following the success of 2016’s Fashion Rules!, 15-year-old Isabella and TriMark Press are back to continue the journey of Elizabeth Phillips.

This time, Isabella taps into her culinary passion for Cooking Rules! In this new adventure, Elizabeth is back with a fresh challenge: competing in her school's cooking contest. She joins her classmates to try to make the event a success for the big food drive with the help of a famous chef. Of course, Tiffany Taffy and her troublesome troop try to get in the way and cause mishap.

In a case of life imitating art, Isabella will be joining forces with a famous chef to debut, and read from, her book in three different libraries. Nancy Fuller, Cooking Channel star and Farmhouse Rules author, will be joining Isabella to talk about their love of cooking and how it’s shaped their lives so far.

Tag along to hear this anti-bullying story of unity, friendship, and the tremendous impact cooking can have.

Join Isabella and Nancy at:
West Boca Library - April 14 - 3 PM
Delray Beach Library - April 23 - 5 PM
Hagen Ranch Library - April 28 - 3 PM
TriMark Press
Diana Moreno