Daniel Robert Lahey's No Cure for Music Released on CerebralAudio

No Cure For Music is not music for everyone, but it is music for anyone looking for sonic therapy. - October 18, 2017

Fabio Keiner's Latest CerebralAudio Release Paints an Audio Portrait of Hiroshima and Nagasaki's Black Rain

Fabio Keiner explores the landscape of the post-nuclear fallout of Nagasaki and Hiroshima on Black Rain. - October 11, 2017

Daniel Robert Lahey Wants Just More Music on CerebralAudio

Daniel Robert Lahey's Just More provides more classical music for listening pleasure. - October 04, 2017

Grid Resistor's Machine Music Arrives on CerebralAudio

Thomas Jackson Park uses recordings of static and noise from old shortwave radios made with contact microphones to find new music. - September 27, 2017

CerebralAudio Goes on a Journey with Basic Elements on Electronic Landscapes

Basic Elements third release on CerebralAudio channels electro while paying homage to electronic music masters. - September 20, 2017

Daniel Robert Lahey Un-Rethinks Things... Again on New CerebralAudio Release

Daniel Robert Lahey's latest takes the listener into his inner thoughts, and reflection on the creative process. - September 12, 2017

Cousin Silas Releases Lost Recording on CerebralAudio

The fifth release from Cousin Silas on CerebralAudio, Cold Star, marks the return of a lost work to the Netlabel world. - September 06, 2017

Basic Elements Goes Back to the Old School on Drum and Bones

Basic Elements returns to the roots of Drum and Bass music with touches of Jungle for his latest release: Drum and Bones. - August 29, 2017

Daniel Robert Lahey's Epiphany Counterfeit PremiersĀ on CerebralAudio

Prolific classical music composer Daniel Robert Lahey's Epiphany Counterfeit is being premiered on CerebralAduio. Daniel's work has been featured on podcasts CerebralMix and At Water's Edge. He has also been featured on ambient internet streams StillStream and RadioSpiral. Epiphany Counterfeit is... - August 23, 2017

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