Cousin Silas Releases Lost Recording on CerebralAudio

The fifth release from Cousin Silas on CerebralAudio, Cold Star, marks the return of a lost work to the Netlabel world.

Waukesha, WI, September 06, 2017 --( The Lost Works

Cold Star was originally released in 2015, and lost in early 2017 when the issuing label disappeared from the internet. Cold Star was not alone, eleven other works from Cousin Silas's catalog were lost as well. All of these works have been placed with new labels, including CerebralAudio.

In searching to re-release these lost works, Cousin Silas sought to disperse them across numerous labels to diversify the distribution of his work. With a catalog of over 150 releases to his credit Cousin Silas has always felt it important to his works to multiple outlets, including CerebralAudio. Cold Star is the first lost work to have been given a new home on the CerebralAudio.

Cold Star

Many Cousin Silas works are built on the concepts found in science fiction and science. It is one of the most fertile grounds for exploration in an artistic context that is available.

Cold Star is a long-form recording that creates the ambience of a long journey to another planet. This journey concludes with the view of a brown dwarf star, known as a "cold star." Cold stars have long been the subject of science fiction, having been referenced in many novels and TV series. In science cold stars are commonly known as brown dwarfs, (or "failed stars") which are unable to create their own energy.

Cousin Silas

David Hughes (Cousin Silas), born 7 May 1959, is an English musician and electronic music producer most notable for his ambient and drone music. He began writing and recording soundscapes in 2000, He has released over 150 albums, appeared on more than 60 compilations, and has been credited on releases for production, writing, arrangements, and technical contributions.

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