SCPC Seeks Specific Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Patient-Facing Long-Term Care Pharmacy Staff

By Overlooking Necessary Health Care Personnel Who Provide Essential Services in Long Term Care Facilities, Public-Health Decision Makers Put Patients at Greater Risk - January 06, 2021

SCPC Disappointed That HHS Again Ignores Needed Relief Request from Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Latest Distribution Fails to Aid Industry Facing Significant Financial Hardship While Caring for Most Vulnerable Patients - December 17, 2020

HHS Fails to Address Pandemic Relief for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

SCPC Warns Support is Needed to Maintain Patient Care while LTC Facilities Manage Latest COVID Spike and LTC Pharmacies Prepare for Vaccine Distribution - November 16, 2020

SCPC Stresses Importance of Utilizing Existing LTC Pharmacies to Ensure Quick and Efficient Vaccine Delivery to LTC Patients and Health Care Workers

Organization Praises Elements of Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy, Notes Adequate Resources, Use of Existing LTC Pharmacy Infrastructure Keys to Success - September 18, 2020

SCPC Calls for Expanded Provider Relief Following HHS Announcement

Private-Pay Assisted Living Facilities May Now Apply for CARES Funding, But Essential “Behind the Scenes” Long-Term Care Pharmacies Are Still Left in Limbo - September 09, 2020

SCPC Applauds Introduction of Legislation Establishing Federal Definition of Long-Term Care Pharmacy

The Long-Term Care Pharmacy Definition Act of 2020 Introduced to Establish a Clear Statutory Definition and Alleviate Current Regulatory Chaos and Jurisdictional Confusion - July 22, 2020

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Leaders Request Urgent COVID-19 Relief from Congressional Leaders

Letter to Congress Requests Immediate Action to Provide Relief for LTC Pharmacies Serving Most Vulnerable Patients in Nursing Homes, Other LTC Facilities - July 13, 2020

New Data Shows Economic Conditions Continue to Worsen for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

SCPC Letter to HHS asks for Provider Relief to Support Continued Essential Care for Vulnerable People in Nursing Homes - June 29, 2020

SCPC Urges CDC to Exempt Long-Term Care Patients from Opioid Guidelines

Given the unique medical needs of patients in long-term care facilities and the virtual impossibility of “doctor-shopping,” the CDC’s Opioid Guidelines must not apply to this unique population. - June 18, 2020

SCPC Urges Secretary Azar to Address Conflicting Insulin Pen Policy

In a letter to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, SCPC warns that conflicting regulatory policy puts patient access at risk and threatens LTC’s good faith efforts to provide insulin pens. - June 16, 2020

Citing Threat to Seniors’ Nursing Home Care and Pandemic-Generated Economic Crisis, SCPC Letter to HHS Sec. Azar Seeks LTC Pharmacy Relief Funding

America’s Key Front-Line Nursing Home Pharmacies Eligible for, Warrant HHS-Administered Aid - April 29, 2020

Front Line Nursing Home Pharmacies, Seniors Under Their Specialized Care Warrant CARES Act Emergency Funding

Economic Stress Taking Toll on Pharmacists Responsible for Life-Saving Medication Management - April 23, 2020

COVID-Related Economic Distress Threatens Front-Line Nursing Home Pharmacies, Vulnerable Seniors Under Their Care

Economic, Regulatory Challenges Jeopardize Ongoing Viability of LTC Pharmacy Sector; Now Surveying Membership Crises, SCPC Calls on Congress and Administration to Act - April 20, 2020

SCPC Praises Bipartisan House Passage of PBM Rebate Transparency Bills

National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Says Reps. Buddy Carter (R-GA), Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) Sustain Increased PBM Data Disclosure - October 31, 2019

New Video Details Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacies’ Clinical Value to Seniors’ Care

“Virtual Tour” Differentiates LTC Pharmacy, Explains Operational and Regulatory Requirements Compared to Retail, Other Pharmacies - October 21, 2019

As Action on Senate Finance Committee Drug Pricing Bill Set to Resume, National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Praises Cap on Patient Costs

SCPC Will Seek Cap “As Low as Possible” in Final Bill, Offer Two Policy Refinements - September 03, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Asks CMS to Release “Summary Data” on PBM Medicare Spread Pricing Activity

SCPC Thanks CMS for Curtailing PBM Medicaid Spread Pricing; Time for Similar Medicare Transparency. - June 27, 2019

As CMS Curtails PBM “Spread Pricing” in Medicaid, SCPC Says Similar Medicare Abuses Require Scrutiny and Transparent Data Release

National Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy Group Urges CMS to Release Medicare Spread Pricing “Summary” Data. - June 12, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Disappointed CMS Failed to Eliminate DIR Fees

SCPC Reiterates Need to Protect LTC Pharmacy, Seniors from Unintended Consequences of Drug Pricing Reforms. - May 21, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Praises Grassley, Wyden Call for PBM “Spread Pricing” Probe

Cites Ohio Attorney General Yost’s Effort to Recoup Public Dollars from PBM Medicaid Managed Care Abuse. - April 11, 2019

SCPC to Senate Finance Committee: In Wake of Drug Pricing Reform Efforts, Policymakers Must Protect LTC Pharmacies from PBM Cost-Shifting to Reduce Seniors’ Costs

National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Details Four Drug Pricing Reform Policy Recommendations. - April 09, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Group: DIR Fees Should be Eliminated, Not “Reformed”

Senate Aging Committee Hearing on Untangling “Complex Web of Prescription Drug Prices” Provides Forum for Ongoing Discussion of Abolishing Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) Fees. - March 07, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Group Praises SFC Momentum on PBM Rebate Transparency

Positive Grassley Sentiment on Greater PBM Transparency Draws Support from SCPC. - February 21, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Group: Senate, House Drug Pricing Hearings Kick-Off Vital 2019 Discussion on Transparency, Accountability, Reform

SCPC Urges Sweeping Congressional Focus on PDP/PBM Abuses, Culpability in Market Manipulation. - January 29, 2019

National LTC Pharmacy Group to CMS: Abolish DIR Fees – "A Windfall Profit" for Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Citing Unique Nature of LTC Pharmacies and Elderly Patients They Serve, Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) Viewpoint on DIR Fees Differs from Other Pharmacy Sector Groups - January 29, 2019

Grassley's Longtime Focus on Transparency Praised by National LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group as Senator Assumes Senate Finance Committee Chairmanship

SCPC: New WSJ Report on Part D Medicare Plans Overcharging CMS Ripe Target for Scrutiny - January 07, 2019

SCPC: CVS Health-Aetna Merger Emblematic of Growing Arms Race to Consolidate, Control Seniors’ Access to Prescription Drugs

Commenting on the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DoJ) conditional approval today of CVS Health's $69 billion acquisition of Aetna, which clears the way for a monumental entity combining health insurance, provider and pharmacy services if Aetna sheds its primary Medicare drug business, the... - October 10, 2018

SCPC Praises House Energy and Commerce Leaders’ Ongoing Query of PBM Drug Pricing Role

National LTC Pharmacy Group Thanks Reps. Greg Walden, Michael Burgess and Greg Harper for Issuing New Letters to Nation’s Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). - September 04, 2018

Grassley Praised by National LTC Pharmacy Group for Seeking Justice Department Review of PDP/PBM Mergers

The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) today praised Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) for asking the U.S. Justice Department to conduct a “robust analysis” of the proposed mergers between CVS Health and Aetna, and Cigna Corp. and Express Scripts. Alan G. - August 16, 2018

LTC Pharmacy Group Applauds House Energy and Commerce Committee Initiative to Review PBM Mergers

SCPC Thanks U.S. Reps Greg Walden (R-OR), Gregg Harper (R-MS), Michael Burgess (R-TX). - July 30, 2018

SCPC: New Study of Medicare “DIR” Fee Legislation Helps Demonstrate PBMs as Bad Actors Across Full Spectrum of Transactions

Solutions to PBM Pricing Abuses Must Address Entire Drug Supply Chain - October 03, 2017

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