Award Winning Author Leif Gregersen is Announcing North America Wide Distribution of His Two Non-Fiction Books About His Experiences with Mental Illness

Leif Gregersen, now having completed his term as spotlight writer for the Edmonton Public Library is announcing a new focus of distributing his two non-fiction books, "Through the Withering Storm" and "Inching Back to Sane" to all US and Canadian markets. - October 09, 2017

New Work by Leif Gregersen Exceeds All Expectations as Previous Memoir Sales Continue to be Strong

Leif Gregersen, writer of poetry, short stories, freelance magazine articles and Young Adult and Children's Books, has penned and published a new memoir, titled, "Inching Back To Sane" as a continuation of his previous work, "Through The Withering Storm." - February 20, 2015

Through The Withering Storm: A Brief History of a Mental Illness Now Available in Paperback in Time for Bipolar Awareness Month

Through the Withering Storm, a book by Leif Gregersen, up until now only available as an ebook, has now been re-edited and released on amazon. This book tells the story of one young man's broken dreams and shattered relationships as he deals with Bipolar Disorder. - February 26, 2013

Through the Withering Storm, a Brief History of a Mental Illness

Through the Withering Storm, a Brief History of a Mental Illness

With a foreword by Dr. Brian Bishop, Psychiatrist, this book breaks new ground in giving people a window into the world of a young man afflicted by one of the most disabling and difficult mental health problems known to man, bipolar disorder, or manic depression. This candid and fearless work will change the way you look at people you once shunned. - August 03, 2012

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