Through the Withering Storm, a Brief History of a Mental Illness

With a foreword by Dr. Brian Bishop, Psychiatrist, this book breaks new ground in giving people a window into the world of a young man afflicted by one of the most disabling and difficult mental health problems known to man, bipolar disorder, or manic depression. This candid and fearless work will change the way you look at people you once shunned.

Through the Withering Storm, a Brief History of a Mental Illness
Edmonton, Canada, August 03, 2012 --( Nearly 20 years in the making, a book has come out in the ebook world that will change the way it's readers look at the world, their own problems and the trials and difficulties of those who treat mental illness, those who love a mentally ill person and those who are afflicted with these problems.

The book, titled, "Through The Withering Storm" digs deep into the world of a young man so alone and in pain he has no clue that he is suffering from severe, debilitating depression. As time goes on, his condition worsens and finally hospitalization becomes necessary. In a very short time, this young man loses everything, from his car and motorbike, his welcome at his family's home and all of his friends but a scant few.

Never wanting to give up, the protagonist takes what little he has and strikes out for a new life on the coast where he attends flying school and finds new friends but never escapes his illness. This book is a testament to all those who need help and all those who want to help those who suffer from bipolar, schizophrenia, OCD and any of the myriad of disorders that can beat a person down from anywhere.
Through The Withering Storm
Leif N. Gregersen