Rules Unfair to, Endanger, Genitally Reconstructed Transsexuals, Says John Banzhaf of GWU Law School

Transsexuals who were born male, but have had genital reconstruction surgery, are placed at a higher risk of sexual assault, and perhaps even rape, if they are required to use showers and locker rooms corresponding to the gender they were “assigned at birth,” argues public interest law professor John Banzhaf of the GWU Law School which is experimenting with a solution to the transgender-restroom problem. - April 25, 2016

Virginia to OK Electric Chair if Drugs Are Unavailable, But There’s an Alternative, Says John Banzhaf

Virginia’s legislature has just authorized the use of the electric chair when lethal-injection drugs aren’t available due to scarcities and sales restrictions caused by death penalty opponents, but many claim the language is vague and would invite a whole new round of litigation, reports the Washington Post. But there's a simple and inexpensive alternative, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf - March 14, 2016

Drivers with Bad Credit May Soon Pay Higher Premiums, Predicts John Banzhaf

Insurance Premiums for Drivers with Poor Credit History May Soon be Raised, Based Upon a New Study Which Shows It's Not Unfair to Blacks or Poor to Base Auto Insurance Rates on Credit History, and That Such Credit-Based Ratings are Not Just a Subterfuge (Proxy) for Discriminating on the Basis of Race and/or Poverty, says Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf - February 14, 2016

Both Sexes Forced to Shower, Change, and Urinate Together, Says Law Professor John Banzhaf

Planet Fitness Secretly Mandates Coed Changing Rooms and Showers, While George Washington University Opens Its First Coed Multi-User Restroom for Four, Says Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf. - February 13, 2016

Law School Opens First Coed Multi-User Restroom, Announces LawProf John Banzhaf

The George Washington University Law School has opened the first coed multi-user restroom designed to help females who might otherwise have to wait on long lines for the women's restroom, and transgender people who will no longer have to choose which is the least inappropriate restroom to use given the dichotomy between their anatomical gender and their newly-assumed gender identity, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - January 29, 2016

Virginia Considers Novel Approach to Campus Sexual Assaults, Reports LawProf John Banzhaf

Because colleges have inherent conflicts of interest in investigating campus sexual assault claims and usually cannot afford to employ their own trained sex crime investigators, the state of Virginia is formally considering using a novel "compromise" approach which would eliminate these biases as well as provide sufficient resources for a proper investigation of reports of sex crimes, reports public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - January 27, 2016

Racial Coverup at Harvard Law Suspected, Says Law Prof John Banzhaf

Almost a Full Month Has Passed Since Law Professors’ Pictures Were Discovered Covered in Black Tape, So Harvard’s Complete Silence Regarding its Investigation, and the Lack of Any Reported Suspects, is Very Suspicious, Especially in Light of Its Many Motives to Cover Up, Says Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf. Perhaps it’s time for the press to begin asking some probing questions, he suggests. - December 15, 2015

Harvard Law May be Covering Up Defacement Investigation, Suggests Law Prof John Banzhaf

Two Weeks Have Passed and Harvard Has Several Compelling Motives to Hide the Perpetrators’ Identity, Says John Banzhaf. - December 04, 2015

Defacement of Harvard's Black Law Profs Pictures Likely Hoax or Retaliation, Not Racism, Reports Prof. Banzhaf

Although widely reported in the Washington Post and elsewhere as a racist incident - and even a possible hate crime - at Harvard Law School, putting black tape over the pictures of several black professors was much more likely a hoax, or retaliation for at least two similar past defacements by a largely black law student organization, reports public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - November 29, 2015

El Faro Located, But Finding and Recovery Should Have Been Easier, Claims Professor John Banzhaf

Existing EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) Technology, Including Floatable EPIRBs, Should Have Made It Simple and Inexpensive, says Professor John Banzhaf. - November 03, 2015

New Tool Could Cut Campus Rapes, But Govt Refuses Funding, Says Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf

A powerful new tool for colleges was unveiled today which, among its many benefits, could help cut rapes on campus. However, it appears, based upon the criteria listed on the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) website, that the federal government will refuse to provide funding to make it effective, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - September 28, 2015

Government Says Don’t Teach Coeds Techniques Proven to Slash Date Rapes, Says Professor John Banzhaf

A New Study in the New England Journal of Medicine Suggests Why Many Campus Date Rapes Occur, and Provides a Simple Way to Slash the Number, but the Federal Government and Others Object Because Women Might Somehow be Blamed. - June 29, 2015

Study Proves, to Slash Rapes, Treat Women as Adults, Says Prof Banzhaf

When College Women Know How to Simply Say "No," Rapes Plummet, He Notes. - June 22, 2015

Transgender Policies May Apply to Transracials Like Dolezal, Says Prof. John Banzhaf

The Former Bruce Jenner, and Many Other Transgender People, Are Free to Choose and/or Switch Gender, So Why Not do the Same with Race Also, Asks Prof. Banzhaf - June 20, 2015

Despite New Major Survey, Govt. is Not Doing Enough to Prevent Campus Sexual Assaults, Claims Prof. John Banzhaf

It’s Letting PC Concerns Over Blaming the Victim Waste Taxpayer Dollars and Ruin Lives, Says Professor John Banzhaf, Noting the Lack of Similar Concerns About Warnings Concerning Everything From Leaving Bicycles Unlocked to Leaving Young Children in Locked Cars During the Summer. - June 17, 2015

To Deal with Campus Rapes, Should They Sing Kumbaya?, Quips Professor John Banzhaf

Some Women’s Rights Advocates Are Promoting "Restorative Justice" as the Latest Panacea for Complaints About Rapes on College Campuses. - June 05, 2015

Colleges May Turn Date Rape Allegations Over to Regional Consortia, Says Professor John Banzhaf

Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf Cites Irreconcilable Conflicts of Interest, Huge Costs, and Possible Cutoffs of Federal Funds as Prompting Colleges to Consider Regional Consortia to Handle Allegations of Campus Date Rape. - June 02, 2015

George Washington University's Ruling OKing Swastikas on Campus Reported Internationally, Says Prof John Banzhaf

But the University is Silent About the Apparent Reversal of its Previous Zero-Tolerance Policy Regarding Swastika on Campus - May 31, 2015

George Washington University Nixes Ban on Religious Symbol; “Proactive Strategy” Backfires, Says Prof. John Banzhaf

George Washington University (GWU) Reverses its Previously Announced Plan to Effectively Ban a Hindu and Buddhist Symbol from Campus, Because It Resembled a Nazi Swastika, by Expelling Student Who Displayed It. - May 29, 2015

At GWU Holy Symbol Triggers Ban, But Hangman's Noose OK at Duke, Says Prof. John Banzhaf; Indian Svastika is Universal Symbol of Love, While Noose Means Death Everywhere

A GWU student is about to be expelled for briefly displaying an Indian symbol of love revered by at least four major religions, whereas a student at Duke University who hung a hangman's noose from a tree on campus will be allowed to remain to continue his studies. - May 06, 2015

Outrage Over GWU's Religious Ban Grows, Here and in India, Says GWU Professor John Banzhaf

Media Calling It Discrimination, Saying University May be Sued, Asking People Not to Contribute, Reporting that Students Are Frightened, etc. - May 02, 2015

GWU's Attack on Sacred Religious Symbol Causes International Controversy - Prof John Banzhaf

George Washington University's [GWU] strong attack on an ancient religious symbol considered sacred by at least four major religious, and its banning from its campus a student for only very briefly displaying the image which he had obtained from India, has provoked an international controversy, and held the university up to ridicule, says GWU Professor John Banzhaf. - April 27, 2015

Event Announcement Noon on Thursday, 4/23 - Use Special Powers to Help People, DC Bar Told by LawProf John Banzhaf

Administrative Lawyers Have Responsibility to do More Than be Mouthpieces for Moneyed Interests - April 23, 2015

A Law Professor is Featured in Ken Burns’ PBS Medical Documentary About Cancer

Although fighting cancer is usually thought of as a medical story, Ken Burns’ new PBS documentary - "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" - features a law professor who may have saved more lives and prevented more lung cancer deaths than any doctor. John Banzhaf’s legal... - March 29, 2015

Executions: Judge Says Use Bullets, Banzhaf Says Use Pills / Firing Squads Are "Foolproof" But "Brutal," Says Federal Judge - Pills Work Better, Says Prof. John Banzhaf

Arizona's botched execution, the third in a row using lethal injections according to numerous press reports, has raised questions of how the death penalty can best be administered, especially with manufacturers prohibiting the use of their drugs for such a purpose, and reported restrictions on certain injectible drugs used in executions. - July 28, 2014

IIHS's List of Safe Cars for Teens Has a Major Flaw, Says Law Prof John Banzhaf / One Simple Step to Slash High Speed Driving Could Save More Lives Than All Other Tips

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [IIHS] recently released a list of "safe" cars that parents should buy for teens, and tips for making sure they really are safe, but it failed to disclose one simple step concerned parents can take which would avoid more needless highway deaths among young people than all their other recommendations, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who has written extensively on auto safety. - July 23, 2014

Date Rape - Innovation May Be Better Than Legislation, Says Law Prof John Banzhaf; Campus Keystone Cops v. New Sex-Assault Investigation/Adjudication Entities

As U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill [D-MO] prepares to release results of a survey about college sexual assaults, and then federal legislation based upon her survey, there may be reason to believe that a new innovative solution involving a new entity may be preferable to trying to make universities only marginally better at handling sex crimes, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - July 10, 2014

Date Rapes Costing Colleges Tens of Millions - Termed “A Perfect Storm" // Most Accusers Don't Remember; Many Have Mental Health Issues, Says Report

A detailed study of campus sexual assaults suggests that they are costing colleges and universities tens of millions of dollars, and the huge costs are almost certainly going to balloon as the Administration continues to encourage educational institutions to convict more students, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who was one of the first to point out the growing number of male students fighting back by going to court. - July 02, 2014

New Study Shows E-Cigarettes Threaten Public Health, Says Banzhaf // Finds They Keep People Smoking and Lure Kids Into Addiction

A new study shows that e-cigarettes may be a public health hazard by permitting users to continue smoking despite workplace smoking bans, encouraging kids to become addicted to nicotine, causing increased indoor air pollution, and encouraging smoking, says Professor John Banzhaf. - May 19, 2014

Project’s Recommendation for Executions Criticized by Prof. Banzhaf // One Recommendation - Which Follows His Lead - is Half Right, But Others May be Impossible, He Says

The Constitution Project's just released a massive report entitled "Irreversible Error," about the whole process of capital punishment, makes a few recommendations for improving executions, but one - which followed his lead - is only half right, and two may be impossible, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - May 10, 2014

Botched Oklahoma Execution - Prof Banzhaf Proposes a Simple Alternative // It May be Possible to Avoid Problems of Lethal Injections, He Suggests

Oklahoma's badly botched execution, in which an inmate - according to several newspaper accounts - writhed in pain from a "blown" vein line before finally dying 43 minutes later from an apparent heart attack, is only the latest in a long line of problems and failures from using lethal injection as a method of capital punishment, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who suggests an alternative. - May 03, 2014

Prof. Banzhaf Concerned FDA Considering Exempting "Fat Cat Smokes" // Loophole for Premium Cigars Could Explode, But Help Senators, He Says

Although indicates that most attention to the proposed tobacco regulations the FDA just announced focused on its limited regulation of e-cigarettes, a largely overlooked sleeper issue is the health agency's apparent willingness, as set forth in its notice, to exempt from all regulation the tobacco product apparently most used by and closely associated with so-called "Fat Cat Smokers," says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - April 28, 2014

Prof. Banzhaf Claims FDA’s E-Cigarette Rules Have Major Omissions; “Candy Cigarettes on Steroids” May Continue to Endanger Health, He Claims

Although the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has itself reported that e-cigarettes pose “acute health risks” which “cannot seriously be questioned” because they contain “toxic chemicals,” and that the devices also “present a serious risk of addicting new users, including children,” the rules they have proposed to regulate them have major omissions, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf. - April 26, 2014

E-Cigarettes Increasingly Banned in Public, and Causing Epidemics Among Both Young Children and Teens, Says Lawprof. John Banzhaf

More and more jurisdictions are banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places and workplaces, there is an ever growing epidemic of serious injuries to young children, and an escalating use of these addicting devices by teens, notes the lawyer who helped to get their use banned on airplanes, and to spur legislation against their use in no-smoking sections in many jurisdictions. - April 02, 2014

A New Survey from the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] Shows That the Worldwide Death Toll from Tobacco May be Increasing Even Faster Than Previously Expected

Smoking kills about five million people each year, and the number will double by 2020 as tobacco companies aggressively seek new markets in developing countries. About half the children surveyed reported that they are subjected to tobacco smoke in public places, with an even greater number being forced to breathe it at home. But, as the New York Times noted: "At least 6,200 children die each year in the United States because of their parents' smoking." - January 30, 2008

UK May Pay Obese Millions to Lose Weight; in US, We're Simply Charging Them More Instead

While the British are considering paying the obese millions a year to lose weight, more and more U.S. health insurance companies and employers are instead charging the obese more for their health insurance to get them to slim down, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf whose ruling made it possible. - January 28, 2008

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