A Life of Servitude and Self-Discovery

Jenna Turnipseed writes of a soldier’s road to self-discovery in her new book To Serve My Country. Turnipseed is not only a soldier, but also a soldier’s wife, a mother, and a daughter. Throughout the book she shows readers all the different facets of her life. Turnipseed began writing... - April 04, 2009

The Modern Superhero?

An unknown vigilante takes the law into his own hands and receives a “superhero twist” in Patrick Morbach’s new novel The Gauntlet. - October 26, 2008

A New Choice: Announcing an Independent Candidate for President

A. J. Wildman is officially announcing his intent to run as an Independent candidate for President in the November National Elections. His objective is to provide the American Voters with a third and viable choice. He wants to offer real leadership in the Democratic Revolution that is now required. - April 30, 2008

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