A New Choice: Announcing an Independent Candidate for President

A. J. Wildman is officially announcing his intent to run as an Independent candidate for President in the November National Elections. His objective is to provide the American Voters with a third and viable choice. He wants to offer real leadership in the Democratic Revolution that is now required.

College Station, TX, April 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In the several YouTube videos (http://youtube.com/ajw110408, or search A.J. Wildman), he highlights many of his proposals that are publicly acceptable solutions to critical national problems. He challenges members of the Press, media, and others by name to critique his campaign. He also challenges voters to drive his state-by-state Ballot Signature Drive, from his MySpace-based Revolution, because, “they have the most to gain or lose” from this election.

His direct and sincere challenge to every American is, first, hear him out -- watch all five of his videos online and then draw your own conclusions. Decide whether or not to help in some way with his campaign for America and Americans.

In his 718 page Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2), Wildman urges the American public to challenge the all too powerful Few that are controlling national politics for their own self-serving purposes. The book outlines the same proposals his campaign will follow.

He humbly declares that CS2 is the most important writing to the American public in 232 years, since the time of January of 1776, when Thomas Paine first published his Common Sense pamphlet calling on the American colonists to make a Declaration of Independence from the British Monarchy.

Wildman contrasts the struggle of 1776 to Create our Democracy against the struggle of 2008 to Preserve our Democracy -- that it is our Moment in Time. “We the People must now decide our nation's future.” He states that like it or not, We will now unavoidably make that Common Decision as this critical National election campaign plays itself out − either by our deliberate action or our inaction.

A. J. Wildman worked thirty-four (34) years in the Information Technology Industry. His specialties are systems analysis, business problem resolution, and project management. His public action website CICRU.org offers free downloads and CS2 purchase options so that you may get the full details of his message.

The Second Coming of Common Sense is currently available in soft-cover (ISBN 1-88139-931-1) from Virtualbookworm.com, and may be ordered at Borders and Barnes & Noble. The book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States.

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Bobby Bernshausen