InsuredMine Inc.: Free Webinar - Automate Customer Engagement

Upcoming webinar on December 18, 2019 addresses how Independent Insurance Agents can automate part of their Customer Engagement with a series of email drips, text messages at different stages of the customer journey. - December 15, 2019

Webinar - Power Boost Your Current Agency Management System with InsuredMine

In this webinar, learn how to beat the competitors with the help of a smart and powerful Agency Portal developed by InsuredMine that power boosts your agency's current management systems. The purpose of this webinar is to explore all the ways InsuredMine’s Agency Portal can help independent agents learn, navigate, and quickly adapt and maximize their current book of business. - January 22, 2019

InsuredMine Inc.: Free Webinar - Do Insurance Agents Need Chatbots?

Upcoming webinar on November 15, 2018 addresses how customer service for Independent Insurance Agents are leveraging chatbot technology to up the game and transforming the customer experience as it directly affects customer retention and referrals. - October 24, 2018

InsuredMine Inc.: Free Webinar - the Importance of Having a Mobile App for Your Insurance Agency

Upcoming webinar on October 11, 2018, focuses on all aspects of insurance management including Self-Service, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Sales and Retention, and how they are influenced through the use of a Mobile App. - September 19, 2018

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