Ever Been Nervous at a Networking Event? Read This New Book.

Many people mistakenly believe that being a powerful networker is something that comes naturally to some people. The truth is the secrets to effective networking can be learned. - November 24, 2009

Executive Career Coach Gives 5 Steps to Landing a $100k+ Job

Executives and highly paid professionals are used to being in charge and in control. But what happens when they lose their jobs? A new book reveals 5 steps to success with a job search for high paying positions. - November 24, 2009

7 Tips to Social Media Success to Drive New Business, Awareness and Real Return on Investment

LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging and online communities are all tools of social media. Though it’s a craze right now, few businesses understand how to leverage these word of mouth marketing tools. A new book, Social Media Success! has many case studies and tips for anyone who wants to be “in the know” as quickly as possible. - November 22, 2009

In 2006, Energy Issues Take a Front Burner on the World Stage

Read about this prediction and many others in Mitchell Levy's 'hot off the press' book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Levy incorporates predictions from 50 executives on what will happen in 2006. - November 15, 2005

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